Contact information for the PHRF-LO Administration, Executives and Central Council.

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This office now has a SKYPE account.

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Minutes - PHRF-LO EYC District Meeting November 4 2017 - Kingston Yacht Club

1. Participants: Bill Visser (CBYC; DC); Gord Cooke (BYC); Dan Machold (CYC); Tom Tomlinson (HHYC); Rob Colwell (KYC); Guy Perrin (Brit YC - Skype); Kirk Robertson (Brit YC - Skype)

2. Minutes of previous meeting (April 30) approved

3. EYC District Chief selection; Bill Visser

4. New Business

a. Handicapping Items:

i. New Boats:

1. Farr 38 SD – KYC (Rob Colwell) – further information is required. Given additional suggestions, Rob will amend the worksheet and re-submit to the District for consideration.

2. Cape Dory Typhoon (Daysailer) – HHYC (Tom Tomlinson) -further information is required. Given additional suggestions, Tom will amend the worksheet and re- submit to the District for consideration.

ii. Appeals:

1. None

iii. Other Items

1. Rob Colwell asked about update on Sport Boats. It was commonly felt that in this District it is important to recognize that we do not have the participation numbers that allow for tight band in the PHRF SP division splits or easily separating to different divisions. The District anxiously awaits the outcome of ongoing studies.

b. Changes Upcoming

i. Everyone reminded to watch the new web site for news.

c. Announcements

i. None

5. Other Business

i. None

6. Club Reports

a. Tom Tomlinson is assuming handicapper responsibilities for HHYC from Canaan Leonard.

b. Generally, all clubs felt the impacts to their racing programs as a result of the water level issues this past season.

7. Next Meeting: Nov 3 2018

8. Meeting adjourned

Toronto West District meeting – May 18, 2017

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Minutes – PHRF-LO EYC District – Spring Meeting (Teleconference via SKYPE)

April 30 2017 – 7 PM

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Thank you for your interest in joining Performance Handicap Racing Fleet - Lake Ontario (PHRF-LO).

We are always willing to accept new clubs to our organization and look forward to having you join in the future.

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As a Member Club of PHRF-LO your annual Membership dues are sent out in February.

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Many clubs are very confused about how the fee for their certificates is applied and why.

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Currently being reviewed!

We have asked Jim Teeters (US Sailing Offshore office) to analyze the effect of different keel configurations.

Our hope is to better assess the speed effect of different keels within versions of the same class.

Ready for the 2014 season!

John Crawley raised an issue that is occurring for boats with oversized mainsails.

The formula we are currently using is outdated and most sail makers & other handicapping systems have moved on.

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Ready for the 2014 season!

This project is intended to address some "unmeasured sail area".

 On April 14, Adam Farkas's presented his Headsail Rating change proposal and Central Council approved the change as follows:

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