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South Shore District Meeting June 4th

Present; Andy Sharp Olcott, Pete Berridge, NOLSC, Tim Scheffer, NOLSC, Larry Huibers, NOLSC

Regrets but input provided; Jason Smyth DYC, Scott Dinse, YYC



Business arising from last meeting- None

Main sail measurements- They are going along fine.  Boat will receive a 3 second penalty if they do not have valid main measurement numbers in. 

These are for Head Board, MGT (7/8), MGU (3/4) MGM (1/2)



J124.  Local YYC boat.  Has a hard time sailing to its rating.  Concern is it is not unique to our district so the committee could not support a district only rating.  It was suggested that NOLSC and YYC could consider a “River Only Rating” for local club events.  The general feeling was this should only apply if the fleet is OK with it.  Currently there is only 1 boat from NOLSC in PHRF 1 division. 

Suggestion was to match the J111 rating.  We received input from John Crawley since the other J124 on the lake is in his District.

Action; Let Scott review with owner and owner rep (Andy Hooker)

SR 27.  Local NOLSC boat.  There is a base rating on the data base under Henderson SR 27 Mod.  Have sail dimensions, just need to verify the spinnaker dimensions again to be sure we get it right.

Laser 28.  Larry and Peter are partners on this boat.  It will race in a one design configuration.  But to make sure there is no conflict we had Tim measure the sails to confirm they are in fact the same dimensions as the other Laser 28 in Niagara (They are).

CS 27 SD. Tim’s boat, races NFS.  Larry measured the sails to ensure there is no conflict.



There is one new boat to assign a handicap to.  Andy has a First 22 in Olcott that needs a rating.

After reviewing the work sheet and comparable boats the committee agreed to a base rating of 219 NFS.  The boat will not sail with a spinnaker. 

Moved by Pete, seconded by Tim, all in favor.


Meeting adjourned

PHRF-LO - Golden Horseshoe District Meeting

May 30, 2018


In Attendance: Susan Sproule (BHYC and District Handicapper), David Platt (BHYC), Jan Varkevisser (BSBC), Al Molloy (RHYC)

  1. Shaula Appeal

Shaula is a C&C 30 SD. There are 3 other certificates for this class in the PHRF-LO database. The appeal submission was read and discussed. The sails on this boat are all over 100 months old. It is sailing with a fixed prop and undersized main. All present agreed that the boat is not sufficiently well-prepared for racing to justify a change in rating. An email vote was also received from Michael Judd (OYS) on this item.

Moved that the appeal be denied

In favour – David Platt (BHYC), Al Molloy (RHYC), Michael Judd (OYS-by email).

Abstained – Jan Varkevisser (BSBC)

The appeal is denied at the District Level. Susan will prepare the paperwork and submit it to PHRF-LO.

  1. Dehler 38-2 Initial Assignment

This boat is at RHYC. There are US ratings from YRALIS (75) and PHRF-NE (72). A preliminary workbook was prepared at the meeting. Clarification is needed on the spinnaker hoist and the fixed bowsprit length. When completed, an initial assignment recommendation will be put on the Golden Horseshoe District Forum for discussion and approval.

  1. Governor’s Cup 21 Initial Assignment

This boat is at BHYC. This initial assignment was posted on the forum last summer, but was never approved. Since there were not 3 clubs other than the boat’s host club represented at this meeting, it will be reposted to the Forum for approval.

  1. Election of District Handicapper

Susan will continue in this role, but will need volunteers to attend future Central Council meetings held during the winter months.

Toronto West PHRF meeting May 24th, 2018


Paul Mcdonald,    ABYC
Wayne Parke,     MCC
Joe Malon,          MCC
Michael Brown,    NYC
Graham Dougal,  QCYC
Bev Wiltshire,      LSYC
Tal Wolf,              LSYC
Robert Hickman,   APSC
John Crawley,       PCYC

1. John Crawley elected District Chief Handicapper.

2. New Boats:

-6 PTF is included in these SP’s.

Archambault 40RC                           SP = 43

Hunter 36 Vision                               SP = 138  Unstayed Aluminum mast, small jib.

J 112E                                              SP = 51  Diesel engine replaced by electric motor and Lithiom Iron battery

Westerly Renown 31 Ketch             SP = 240

Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 419           SP = 69

Dehler 32                                        SP = 114

Sabre 30-3                                      SP = 156

Beneteau 473                                 SP = 48

Perry 58                                         SP = 0

-6 PTF is NOT included in these boats

Beneteau 343                                    SP = 153

                This boat built in the USA is the same boat as the Oceanis 343 built in France

CS 36 Mod                                           SP = 129

                Keel cut from 6.33’ to 5.08’ and bulbs attached on both sides of keel.

                Same rating as the CS 36 SD

G&S 34 Mod-2                                   SP = 108

Boat was originally rated with a non standard mast, which broke, replaced with a J 109 mast which has been cut down.  The boat uses J 105 sails.

3. Appeal from the Farr 39 ML was denied.

Amendment: June 12, 2018

Addition to 2: New Boats

Archambault 40RC initial rating set at 27 (33-6 PTF) , not 43 (typo error)

 Wauquiez Centurion 40S with an SP of 75 which includes the -6 PTF.

Thank you for your interest in joining Performance Handicap Racing Fleet - Lake Ontario (PHRF-LO).

We are always willing to accept new clubs to our organization and look forward to having you join in the future.

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Many clubs are very confused about how the fee for their certificates is applied and why.

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Currently being reviewed!

We have asked Jim Teeters (US Sailing Offshore office) to analyze the effect of different keel configurations.

Our hope is to better assess the speed effect of different keels within versions of the same class.

Ready for the 2014 season!

John Crawley raised an issue that is occurring for boats with oversized mainsails.

The formula we are currently using is outdated and most sail makers & other handicapping systems have moved on.

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Ready for the 2014 season!

This project is intended to address some "unmeasured sail area".

 On April 14, Adam Farkas's presented his Headsail Rating change proposal and Central Council approved the change as follows:

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