GHPRF February 2010

Minutes of GH District PHRF-LO meeting held at BHYC on February 17/2010


Bronte Harbour Yacht Club: Glenn Freeman, George Thompson, Jamie MacCorkindale.

Oakville yacht Squadron: Alison Norris.

Hamilton Boating Club of Newport: Mike van derVaart.

Burlington Sailing and Boating Club: Warren Page.

Fifty Point Yacht Club: Garry Cooke (sent input)

The Oakville Club: Brian Veale – Chair.

  1. Call To Order:19:00 Hours
  2. Acceptance of minutes from meeting held on October 14/09
    M/S – Glenn Freeman/Alison Norris: Carried.
  3. Initial Rating for Tripp 26 ODR

    FS SP:      120 ( no fleet protection necessary)
    NFS SP:    138
    M/S – GF/MV: Carried
  4. Appeal for Viper 640 (Grendal) - Status

    The owners (paperwork already sent to DR) have appealed the rating adjusted by CC to: FS-ASP: 102     NFS-ASP: 138
    FS-ASP: 111     NFS-ASP: 147
    Mark Rowlinson attended the CC meeting in November to support his appeal. He was advised that his appeal would likely be reviewed again at the next CC meeting in February when the latest race data would be available.
    The race data shows: 3 boats sailing at +10
    The District still recommends a change to the ratings proposed above.
    Mark would like to attend the CC meeting in February 2010.
  5. C&C 30SD Status review (Shaula)

    The appeal was reviewed and based on 2009 race results, the rating has been adjusted by +6 seconds.
    Rating was:                    SP-FS: 174     Sp-NFS: 192
    The New Rating will be:   SP-FS: 180     SP-NFS: 198
    New Shaula rating:          ASP-FS: 186   ASP-NFS: 204
    M/S: GT/JM Carried.
  6. C&C 37/40+MOD (Shadow) – Status

    A new classification was established (as above). It changed from a C&C 37R CUS 2. The owner was informed and also advised that the rating would not change. He has agreed to provide data and pictures of the keel. (provided)
    There are no changes since the measurement for the IRC certificate.
    The rating will be reviewed when the 2009 results are available.
    Based on 2009 race results the rating will stay the same.
    M/S: AN/GF Carried.
  7. 2009 race results were reviewed and recommendations were made for submission to central Council at the meeting to be held on February 27/2010

  8. No other business.
  9. Adjournment: 23:00 Hrs

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