GHPRF February 2017

GH PHRF-LO Meeting Minutes

Feb 21.2-17

Royal Hamilton Yacht Club


In Attendance:  Susan Sproule (GH District), Jan Varkevisser  (BSBC), Morgan Seele (RHYC), Al Molloy (RHYC), Garry Cooke (NYCS), Mike Vandervaart (NYCS), David Platt (BHYC)


  1. Alert Reviews

Golden Horseshoe District Alerts:

C&C 37 – no change recommended

C&C 38-1 – no change recommended

X 1 Ton Mod – no change recommended

A broad range of Central Council Alerts were also reviewed with comments referred through Sue to Central Council.


  1. Other Ratings for Review

J 100 Rating – The owner is asking why the Lake Ontario rating is much lower than anywhere in the US PHRF Districts. The current PHRF-LO SP is 69. In the 155/POLE configuration this is equal to the ASP.  In US PHRF Districts the 155/POLE ratings range from a low of 78 to a high of 90 with an average of 81 and a NRR of 81. Sue will follow-up at Central Council.


  1. Discussion Items

Changes to mainsail adjustments in 2017

  • It was asked when the new ratings would be available.


Upcoming Shark one-design classification

  • We are attempting to establish an official PHRF-LO one-design rating for Sharks. If this does not happen, Sue will distribute a workbook with maximum sail sizes from the Shark Class website that can be used within the District.


High Performance divisions/scoring proposal


Future Central Council Projects

  • Mid-girth spinnaker measurement
  • Lower scratch boat for TOT calculations
  • PHRF/Sport boat definitions
  • US Sailing district comparisons
  • Point-to-point handicaps


Handicappers expressed concern over the volume of changes that have occurred over the last few years. This has resulted in additional workload for handicappers and confusion for many certificate holders. We would like to re-establish some stability in the system with no changes for a few years.

Meeting Calendar


Next Meeting

11.17.2018 9:00 am - 11:00 am
Executive Meeting
11.17.2018 11:00 am - 5:00 pm
Central Council Meeting - Fall