Race Results Deadline

December 15th

As your racing is coming to a close soon, I wanted to remind you about the deadline for submitting your race results.

Of course we hope you will send them in as soon as possible so that we have ample time to import them into our race analysis program and prepare the reports for presentation at the Annual General Meeting on January 20, 2018.

Why should you send us your results?

- $5/certificate will be credited to your 2018 Clubs Dues Invoice if you submit your race results.

- Race analysis is used to assess if a class should have a handicap adjustment

How do I send them in?

- Details are available on-line via our "Races & Scoring" section.

- Or you can contact Diana Riley in the PHRF-LO admin office for additional help.

You can check the status of your Race Results via our Race Results Status Query.