RDPRF February 2006

Minutes of the Rochester District PHRF-LO meeting
of Saturday, February 18, 2006 10AM

Rochester Yacht Club

A Notice of the meeting was sent to all Clubs in the District, via email to the Club’s handicappers.

  • Rochester Corinthian Sailing Club (PRESENT) Hank Stuart, Jim Hill
  • Rochester Yacht CluB
  • Genesee Yacht Club(PRESENT) Larry Sill
  • Selkirk Yacht Club
  • Sodus Bay Yacht Club(PRESENT) John Fahy
  • Brockport Yacht Club(PRESENT) Chris Miller, Larry Beneway
  • Oswego Yacht Club(PRESENT) Fred Suppon, Bob PorteR
  • Pultneyville Yacht Club
  1. Call to Order – 10 AM (Quorum 3 members)
  2. Acceptance of minutes from November 5, 2005; M/S/P.
  3. Update list of handicappers, no updates noted, all info is correct.
  4. Reports from Club Handicappers:
    1    Rochester Corinthian Sailing Club
    2    Genesee Yacht Club
    3    Sodus Bay Yacht Club
    4    Brockport Yacht Club
    5    Oswego Yacht Club
  5. Reports from:
    1    ROCH District Chief Handicapper, Hank Stuart.
    2    Secretary, Larry Sill.
    3    Bob Porter, Central Council Report:
    i. Discussed 6 sec./mi. FS rating shift
    ii. CC will evaluate NFS rating increments
    iii. Recommend to CC that other deltas be addressed
    iv. Modified methods for alerts for smaller classes
  6. Review of future meeting calendar:
    a. Central Council Meeting Sat., Feb. 25th
    b. Central Council Meeting, March 25th Al Declerq, Doyle Sails, speaker.
  7. Alert List and Handicap review for 2006/ROCH District recommends the following:
  8. a. Alberg 30 NFS No Change
    b. Beneteau 1st 40.7                     FS -3
    c. C&C 25-2 OB FS No Change
    d. C&C 29 NFS No Change
    e. C&C 29-2 NFS No Change
    f. C&C 35-3 FS No Change
    g. Goman EXP 30-2 FS No Change
    h. Hunter 28.5 FS -3
    i. J 22 FS No Change
    j. J 24/J 24 ODR CC should address ODR v. PHRF
    k. J 29 MH OB FS No Change
    l. J 30 FS No Change
    m. J 35 FS No Change
    n. J 80 No Change
    o. Pearson 30 NFS -6
    p. S2 7.9 FS No Change
    q. Santana WL 24 FS No Change
    r. Sonar -6 (ODR and PHRF)
    r. Tanzer 26 NFS CC should address NFS v. FS SP
  9. Review of Annual General Meeting from Jan. 14, 2006. Officers elected at AGM:
  10. a. Pres. - Colin Alston
    b. VP – John Fahy
    c. Sec/Tres. - Andrew Sensicle
    d. Chief Handicapper – Ian McKimmie
    e. Asst. Chief – Bob Porter
    f. Asst. Chief – Brian Thomson
  11. Boats unique to district and appeals:
    a.    Blazer 23 (Larry Beneway) set by District @ 150
  12. Old Business
    a.    Status of J 29 appeal - @ CC? Hank will check w/Diana
    b.    Encourage one-design boats to get PHRF-LO certificates
    c.    Recommend J 100 NFS ASP to 105 (Larry w/inform Youngstown)
  13. New Business
  14. a. Review all boat data without + or – 50 sec. Filter
    b. AGM proposal to raise all data base 6 seconds
    c. Discussion e-mail from Jay Tovey (2/10/06)
  15. PHRF-LO AGM February 25, 2006 - All encouraged to attend
  16. Next PHRF-LO Central Council March 25, 2006 – All encouraged to attend Seminar presentation by Doyle Sailmakers, Al Declerq
  17. Next ROCH district meeting: Saturday, November 4, 2006 at RYC at 10 AM
  18. Adjourn 1:30 p.m.

Larry Sill
Secretary, ROCH District PHRF-LO