As we head into the sailing season we are facing challenges once again with the COVID-19 restrictions.

Ontario Sailing is publishing regular updates as they get them from the Ontario Government.

Recent Notices and links to Ontario Sailing Announcements will be provided here.

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Pandemic racing: Fiasco on the Rocks - three start points and live streaming.

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Another article issued by the RYA on sailing & racing with participants from different households during COVID-19 in England.

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 US Sailing is holding a Webinar with a Race Management Panel to discuss:

Important Considerations for Return to Racing on May 28th at 2:00 pm EDT / 11 am PDT



The RYA has published an article that may be useful for our Members, Handicappers and owners while considering options for racing on Lake Ontario.

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Dear Member Clubs & Handicappers,

            We want to reach out to our members to acknowledge the difficult position we all face in the midst of the current pandemic restrictions.

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The 2021 Race Analysis has been completed!

A copy of the Summary Analysis Report for each "Class" of boat is available.

Race Analysis Reports

Handicappers Only!

All other reports are available by logging in.

Another loss in the PHRF-LO family.

Ross was a long time Race Officer responsible for training many who continue. He was heavily involved in the 76 Olympic sailing event and then one of the founders of CORK.

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It is with sadness that we are writing about the passing of Glenn Freeman. Glenn was a long time PHRF-LO family member who served for years as club handicapper at Bronte Harbour Yacth Club, as District Chief for the Golden Horseshoe District and as Secretary Treasurer on the Executive Council.

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In a flurry of last minute requests, the owner of the boat Curious George, needed a certificate in order to race.

His excitement included that Susan Hood (the person) would be crewing for him in the Susan Hood race.

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We had a very successful New Handicapper session via Zoom on Aug 12th.

The session was recorded and videos uploaded to Youtube for those of you who could not join us.

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We have updated the list of "Recognized One Design Classes" in our Handicappers Manual Appendage.

You will see the removal of the Farr Classes and the introduction of the 8 Meter - Classic & 8 Meter - Modern

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At the November 20, 2021, Central Council reviewed the use of bloopers and approved a ban on their use for regular racing.

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Over the past several years, it has been discussed and approved to move toward consistency in how we measure sails.

One of the outlying issues is the Max vs Mid Girth on the Symmetrical Spinnakers.

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Melges 32, Hotfoot 27, Flying Tiger 10, Hobie 33

We need feedback to address a concern raised at the last Central Council Spring 2021 - Zoom Meeting.

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The IC37 has arrived on Lake Ontario.

A Mark Mills design, built by Westerley Marine and FIBRE Mechanics, led by Melges Perfomance Sailboat.

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During a review by Central Council of the status of the Sonar Class Association and a lack of current Certificate holders, it was decided to review all our listed One Design Classes (as per the Handicappers Manual Appendage)

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The much anticipated, Point to Point handicap offset, has been calculated and preliminary numbers generated.

For 2020, your Central Council are releasing preliminary numbers for race organizers to use.

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On behalf of:  Larry Huibers (President) and all the PHRF-LO Executive.

Wishing you and your family a wonderful holiday season!

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Fellow Certificate Holders,

It is great to see so many clubs getting a start on the racing season of 2020, albeit with reduced numbers.

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Congratulations to all the winners of the 2nd PHRF-LO Chapman Season Championship & New Racer Awards!

View our Winners here!

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Yes, the results are all in and competitors have been contacted to attend the Annual General Meeting on Saturday, January 18th at 10:00 am.

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As approved at the 2019 Annual General Meeting. The Fee for a certificate will be increased to $40.40 (+ HST if applicable)

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Congratulations to all the winners of the 1st PHRF-LO Chapman Season Championship & New Racer Awards!

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 A collection of pdf copies of the PHRF-LO Newsletter from 2003 to present.

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