February 2016

Central Council Meeting

February 27, 2016


Attendees: Brian Thomson (Chief), Adam Farkas (Asst. Chief), Sue Sproule (GHPRF), Jason Smyth (SSYRA rep), Fran Doyle (ROCH), Owen Schneider (TORE), John Crawley (TORW), Brian Chapman (TAC), Diana Riley (Exec. Asst).

1)      Meeting was called to order at 10:15 am.

2)      Motion to approve Minutes from November 21, 2015 M/S. Sue/Adam. Carried.

3) Class Reviews

a) Alert & New Class Review - All classes reviewed with no change with the following exceptions:


1. VERSIONS: handicap adjustments are applied to all versions of the class unless noted.
2. CHANGES: all handicap changes are based on race analysis, except as noted.
3. NFS-Delta: changes were reviewed also, but noted later in minutes.

C&C 115 CF ** - recognized this as benchmark boat.
Motion to move SP +3 from 51 to 54 due to Jib change (-2) to maintain ASP. M/S. Adam/Sue. Carrried.

CS 22 - Motion to move SP -6 from 261 to 255 based on observed performance and US Sailing (in particular SLYRA) average of 249. M/S. John/Sue. Carried.

CS 30 WK - Motion to move SP +3 from 153 to 156. M/S. John/Sue.
Carried with 4 out of 6 in favour

HUNTER 28.5 - Motion to move SP -3 from 168 to 165 based on observed performance. M/S. John/Adam. Carried with 5 out of 6 in favour.

IMX 38 - Motion to move SP -3 from 66 to 63. M/S. Owen/Adam. Failed with 3 out of 5 against, 1 abstained.

ISLANDER 30 BAHAMA - Motion to move SP -3 from 186 to 183. M/S. John/Sue. Carried

J 30 - Motion to move SP -3 from 135 to 132. M/S. John/Owen. Carried

J 88 CF - Motion to move SP +3 from 69 to 72. M/S. Owen/John. Carried with 5 out of 6 in favour.

Laser 28 - Motion to move SP +3 to +9. M/S. Fran/ . Motion failed for lack of seconder.

MELGES 20 - Motion to move SP +3 from 114 to 117. M/S. John/Sue. Carried

MELGES 32 - Motion to move SP -6 from 21 to 15. M/S. Adam/Owen. Carried * see also NFS-Delta

MIRAGE 25 - Motion to move SP -3 from 213 to 210. M/S. Owen/Sue. Carried

NIAGARA 31 - Motion to move SP +3 from 159 to 162. M/S. John/Sue. Carried with 4 out of 5 in favour.

SABRE SPIRIT - Motion to move SP -3 from 93 to 90. M/S. John/Sue. Carried.

SAN JUAN 24 - Motion to move SP -3 from 216 to 213. M/S. John/Owen. Carried. * see also NFS-Delta

SCAMPI 3 MOD - Motion to move SP -6 from 177 to 171. M/S. John/Owen. Carried with 5 out of 6 in favour.

SOVEREL 33-2 IB - Motion to move SP +3 from 84 to 87 based on observed performance. M/S. Sue/Fran. Carried.

TARTAN 101 (C&C) CF - NEW CLASS - Hold decision on PTF until more results are available.

b) J 100 - update to reflect CF mast, corrected JSP with CL.
From November Meeting:
Based on supplied information, motion to make class changes and reduce SP -9 to maintain relative ASP. M/S. Bill/John. Carried.

Findings: On updating per the above, it was found that the class has a note stating that the rating was originally set for the Aluminum mast. Further review will be necessary.

Motion: Approve change of rating from last meeting (-9) and apply CF to class name with no adjustment to SP. Recognition that ASP will be +6 now as no CF penalty will apply. M/S. Owen/John. Carried.

c) NFS-Delta - review of delta changes with new formula - See Spreadsheet

Motion to defer any decisions on this until we have contacted US Sailing to confirm study and Admin has resurrected original study data for review (NFS-Delta numbers are in direct conflict with Analysis data) Adam/John. Carried.

Decisions were made on some of these during the Alert Review, but the following are now on hold:

C&C 38-1 - NFS-Delta 21 to 24. Motion to move NFS-SP +3. M/S. Sue/Fran. Carried

CAPRI 25 - (all versions) NFS-Delta 18 to 21. Motion to move NFS-SP +3. M/S. Sue/Fran. Carried.

Etchells 22 - (all versions) NFS-Delta 21 to 24. Motion to move NFS-SP +3. M/S. John/Sue. Carried.

J 22 - NFS-Delta 18 to 21. Motion to move FS-SP -3. M/S. John/Sue. Carried with 4 out of 5 in favour, 1 abstained.

J 80 - NFS-Delta 30 to 33. Motion to move NFS-SP +3. M/S. John/Sue. Carried with 5 out of 6 in favour.

MELGES 32 - NFS-Delta 27 to 30. Motion to move NFS-SP +3. M/S. Adam/Owen. Carried.

SAN JUAN 24 - NFS-Delta 21 to 24. Motion to move NFS-SP +3. M/S. Sue/Owen. Carried.

TRIPP 33 - NFS-Delta 18 to 21. Motion to move NFS-SP +3. M/S. Sue/Adam. Carried.

X 1 TON MOD - NFS-Delta 15 to 18. Motion to move NFS-SP +3. M/S. John/Owen. Carried.

d) Jib HHW - Review of list of affected boats/classes with the new rule. Adam Farkas

Suggested to be dealt with as follows:
1. Any penalty -1 s/m ignored, for all classes SP.

2. Penalties for classes over -1 s/m should be automatically adjusted by +3 s/m to the SP, in two groups:

a) Pending alert review class (CC 115 CF**) the +3 s/m should be due to all class boats, plus any other adjustment arising from the worksheet adjustments.

b) All others adjusted by +3 s/m (see list of affected boats/classes).

Motion to accept above change suggested by Adam. M/S. Sue/Adam. Carried.

4)    Handicapping items:


  • 15% (CL Fixed) sprit tolerance & +6 Centerline credit - Adam Farkas
    It was suggested that boats applying for the 15% sprit tolerance are benefiting twice by also allowing them to receive the CL credit of +6 sec/nm

    Action 1: The fleet data will be reviewed by Adam to identify the boats involved with the intent to remove this credit for these individual boats.

    Action 2: A review of the fleet of boats applying for the Centerline credit will also be done in an attempt to replace this fixed credit with an adjustment that is more in line with actual performance.

  • Flying Sails update to Manual - approval - Adam Farkas
    A complete revision of the Spinnaker section of the Handicappers Manual was presented.

    Discussion included the use of the suggested Acronyms and how we should attempt to "get up to date" by looking at what is commonly used and making updates to our whole manual. Unfortunately, there are NO standards that cover our needs, so there were concerns about this not being able to be done for this season.

    Motion to review and update all our "Acronyms" to bring them up-to-date in 2017, however for 2016, we will accept this revision as presented. M/S. Adam/Owen. Carried.


  • Small mainsail credit maximum

    Motion to set maximum credit at (+9) for all small mainsails.

    Some data is showing mainsails at <80%. These will be reviewed for accuracy as they are probably incorrectly noted.
  • May require the 7/8th point on Mainsail “MGT” to be collected. Old sails would be grandfathered. Adam will present findings.

    Motion 1: that we vote on this today, to ensure that handicappers and owners are aware of this going forward. M/S. Fran/Sue. Carried

    Motion 2: For 2017, we will be requiring the 7/8th (MGT) measurement on all "New to Certificate" mainsails. M/S. Sue/Owen. Carried with 5 out of 6 in favour.

5) Handicappers Manual

a) Review of all additions and revisions

b) Acronyms: Updating of all wording and acronyms in the manual to match ERS, IRC or ORC.
See also, Item 4 a) Spinnaker.

To be reviewed in time for approval at the fall meeting. Appropriate references will be sought.

6)     Other items:

a) Benchmark Boats –(tabled for review after Sail Area changes) Brian Thomson/Diana Riley
Need for criteria/rules when reviewing the ratings of Benchmark Boats. (tabled until after Sail Area rating review has been completed).

b) US Sailing PHRF - Fleets assessments - Jamie Dike (not availble)

c) Race Analysis data exclusion – Fran Doyle per Hank Stuart
Proposal to have race officers flag races for exclusion.

Action: Some of the issues will be resolved with the introduction of the "interquartile Range" in the analysis for removing outliers. No action at this time.

d) Interclub Class review Reports - It was requested that the Admin office now include (where possible) a separate Interclub Alert Worksheet for classes with Interclub results. This will offer better analysis results.

e) Alert Review Criteria

It was noted that many of the classes on the Alert Review are the same classes every year.

It was agreed that the review selection process should be looked at to identify if there is an alternative.

Action: Owen Schneider volunteered to look at this.

f) Training Seminar

Central Council asked that they be given an agenda for the presentations, well in advance of the seminar to ensure that they can be properly prepared for this.

Diana Riley will send an email to Bill Topping with a list of suggestions.

6)      Adjournment at 5:45 pm.

Next CC meetings:

Spring Meeting: April 3, 2016 (Moved to follow the STS)

Conference/Skype call - date not yet set

Fall Meeting: November 19, 2016

Winter Meeting: February 25, 2017

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