November 2016

Central Council Meeting


November 19, 2016

In Attendance:

Brian Thomson (Chief Hand), Adam Farkas (Asst. Chief), Jamie Dike (Asst. Chief), Bill Visser (EYC Chief), Sue Sproule (GHPRF Chief), Larry Huibers (SSYRA Chief), Fran Doyle (Roch Chief), Owen Schneider (TORE Chief), John Crawley (TORW Chief), Brian Chapman (TAC), Diana Riley (Exec Asst), Sheena Tait (Admin Asst)

Crossover items with Central Council

AGM – will stay with the 1st Saturday of the Toronto Boat Show, but will look at holding it the 2nd weekend.   Will place on the agenda for a Vote at the 2017 AGM for possible change for 2018.

Spring Training will be on March 25, 2017

  • Looking  into Clubs on the East end of the lake as host
  • Club must also be able to host the 2nd CC meeting the Sunday after.


1)      Call to Order – 11:58 am

2)      Motion to approve the minutes from March 30, 2016 meeting . M/S Bill Visser/Owen Schneider. Carried

3) Class Reviews

a)      1D 35 – Review of Handicap.

Adam Farkas will send his findings to District for review

b)      Archambault 35 – Request for ‘Special’ Bowsprit rating

Motion made by Fran Doyle: To discuss this in more detail, during the Meeting,
See: 4.Handicapping items: a) Spinnaker

2nd Jamie Dike.            Approved

c)      Shark 24 – ODR request

Tabled .  Awaiting letter from Class Representative

d)     Olson 30 – ODR request

Bill Visser:  Motion to approve, ODR rating of 105 or 108, once letter has been received by Central Council.

2nd Owen Schneider.
Tabled until after letter has been received.

e)      J 70 – ODR request

Tabled: No information or letter.

f)       Alberg 30 – Class SP may need adjustment due to all boats gaining a +7 to +9 Credit

John : Motion to delay discussion until 2016 Race Results have been completed and analyzed.

2nd Fran Doyle. Carried.

g)      Star – Review of handicap

Owen Schneider: Motion (Pt. 1)

Class with no spinnaker will equate FS SP & NFS SP to be equal.

2nd Adam Farkas. Carried.

Larry Hibers: Motion (pt 2.)
We adjust ASP rating for STAR to be NFS 159, same in ODR

195-159=36    183-36=147 (FS -147 / NFS-159)

2nd Owen Schneider

Motion Carried

4) Handicapping items


a)      Spinnaker 15% (CL Fixed) sprit tolerance & + 6 Centerline credit

Tabled until further review @ next meeting

b) Mainsail

I. the 7/8th (MGT) - Adam Farkas, Motion that for 2018 the 7/8th (MGT) measurement be part of the mainsail area formula.

2nd John. Motion Carried

II. Motion to change the “scale” by which mainsail size penalties and credits are based

M/S: Larry Hibers/ Jamie Dike. Carried





108 - Over




105 – 107.9




102 – 104.9




98 –  101.9




95 –    97.9




92 -     94.9




89 – 91.9




Up to 88.9




Motion Carried to Vote on this scale and percentages. Column B Carried to use.

III.  Motion to modify Penalties and Credits associated with Scale listed in 1 above.

M/S: Larry Hibers/ Jamie Dike. Carried

Votes Received in favour:

Column A – 2

Column B – 6

Column C – 0

IV. Motion to return to this again next year and review data collected.

M/S. Jamie Dike/Owen Schneider. Motion Carried

c) Jib – nothing to review

d) Multiple Certificates or Additional Column

It was suggested that boats that would like to race in a different configuration for Long Distance or Single Handed races, may be able to purchase a “Non-member On-line Certificate”. This would give them an opportunity to hold two different certificates.

Central Council will look at this further at the next meeting.

e) Sport Boats

Jamie Dike will be working on a way to identify these.

f) In Mast Furling

Concerns that the In Mast Furling credit was not fair.
Covered with changes to new Mainsail adjustments in 4 b)

5) Handicappers manual


a)      ISP – Jamie will come up with update to definition in next few weeks to put into the Handicappers manual

b)      Sail Measurement Discrepancy
– Bill Visser will take care of the issue with Certificate holder

c)      Acronyms - Motion to add a table of sailing acronyms into the current Handicappers Manual for reference.

2nd Owen Schneider. Motion Carried

d)     RRS Rule 60.4 – Review only. No action.

6) Projects and initiatives


a)      PHRF-LO ratings and comparison with IRC

More study is needed. Adam.

b) ORC use for P to P ratings.

Jamie Dike, Motion to put forward at AGM a request for Volunteers to put               together Point to Point ratings, and gather results within the next 2 years.

2nd Owen Schneider. Carried.

c) US Sailing NRR numbers comparison with PHRF-LO.

Question: NRR is it SP or ASP?   - John Crawly will make inquiry

We should review when differences are +/- 6 or More.  No Action.

d)     NFS Delta – review of changes with new formula

Deferred until all Results from this year are calculated.

e)      US Sailing PHRF- fleet assessments – Still on going, Jamie & Owen collecting data

f)       Alert Review Criteria-  Tabled- Not reviewed

g)      Experimental Certificates – District was instructed to give “Non-eligible” boats a “club” rating to allow to race.

Meeting Adjourned at 5:20pm

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