March 2018

Central Council Meeting
Barrie Yacht Club

March 25, 2018


Attendees: Brian Thomson (Chief), Adam Farkas (Asst. Chief), Bill Visser (EYC), Fran Doyle (ROCH) via skype, Owen Schneider (TORE), John Crawley (TORW), Diana Riley (Exec. Asst)

Guests: Mike Campbell (Pres), Bill Topping (V.Pres), Alison Jones (Sec/Tres)

1)      Meeting was called to order at 10:03 am

2)      Motion to approve Minutes from Feb 24, 2018 & Conference Call March 4,2018.
         M/S. John/Owen. Carried.

3)     Class Reviews:

  1. IB vs OB class review - from Conference call
    - It was suggested that this be reviewed for patterns in other methodology.
    Action: Jamie Dike will be asked to look into this.
  2. J 80 OD - request by Owen S
    Based on worksheet @ 126 FS-ASP. Motion to accept new Class designation.
    M/S: Bill V/John C. Carried.
  3. NFS-Delta
    After much discussion, it was agreed that the deltas proposed were probably more accurate than the current deltas, however, implementation of this degree of change needed additional work.
    Motion to rescind the WL10 model (and related motions) from the NFS-Delta Item 6 d) of the February 2018 meeting for the 2018 racing season pending further research. M/S: Bill V/Owen S. Carried.

    In relation to the above: A review of the classes identified by our Districts as needing an NFS-Delta review was done with the following results:

C&C 25-1 OB (TORE) – Motion -6. Defeated. No change. Carried.
C&C 29-2 (GHPRF) – No change. M/S: Bill V/Fran D. Carried
CS 33 (TORE) – Motion -6. All versions (Mod & SD)
           (New NFS-Delta: 15) M/S: Owen/Bill V. Carried with one against.
Grampian 26 (GHPRF) – Motion -9 (to all versions of IB & OB)
          (New NFS-Delta: 12). M/S: Bill V/John C. Carried.
J 22 (TORE) – Motion -9.
         (New NFS-Delta: 9). M/S: John/Owen. Carried – Fran objected.
J 24  (RDPRF & TORE) – Motion -6.
         (New NFS-Delta: 15) M/S: Owen/Fran. Carried
J 27 (TORE) – Motion -3.
        (New NFS-Delta: 15). M/S. Owen/John. Carried. Fran abstained.
Mirage 25 (TORE) – Motion -6. All versions (IB & OB)
         (New NFS-Delta: 15). M/S. Owen/John. Carried.
Shark 24 (TORE) – Motion -3.
        (New NFS-Delta: 18). M/S. Owen/John. Carried.
Tanzer 26 (TORE) – Motion -3. All versions (IB & OB)
        (New NFS-Delta: 21). M/S. Owen/John. Carried.
Tartan 30 (TORE) – Motion -3.
        (New NFS-Delta: 18). M/S. Owen/John. Carried.

  1. Archambault 35 and all other Non-Mod Bowsprit Classes
    from last meeting

    Due to the length of time this item has been on the agenda.
    Motion that Adam and John make proposals and allow Central Council to vote on them individually. M/S. Fran. Failed due to lack of second.
    - New measurements (for the JSP & BSL) were presented and may impact the overall handicap adjustment for the spinnaker.
     - Adams proposal (see item 5 a) ) may have impact on the overall handicap and adjustments for the spinnaker
    - As a test, the NFS-Delta formula will be ran against the new measurements to validate the adjustment for the Spinnaker.
    - to be reviewed at the next meeting.

5)    Handicapping items:


  • New development in 15% bowsprit allowance – Adam
    The current calculation for the 15% bowsprit allowance has been reviewed and it was identified that there is an error. A correction for the formula will be made and presented for 2019.


  • No changes or reviews

c) Jib:

  • No changes or reviews

d) Point to Point racing with an Asym on a sprit separate from W/L races.
From last meeting:
Jamie Dike is still working with the TAC to look into Point to Point ratings and should be completed within 2 years and have at the very least an experimental number.
Action: Deferred until Jamie can be present.

6) Projects and Initiatives:

a) Proposal for Alternate TOT conversion - Adam Farkas
Adam and John have been actively looking at the affect of applying a different Time on Time conversion (that being used by US Sailing) to day races (regattas) in the Toronto The intent to improve compression of results without impacting club racing.
Motion to publish two Time on Time formulas:
General Purpose (current): 566.431/(401.431 + TOD)
                Alternate Purpose (new): 650/(550 + TOD)
M/S: Bill V/John C. Carried. Fran Apposed.
1. This will be included on the printed Time on Time table with associated conversions.
2. A detailed description of the intent, applicable use and exclusions will be written by Bill Visser & John Crawley.

b) Proposal for “Special” Class Designation - Adam Farkas
Much discussion centered on the need to identify “classes” that are specifically designed for performance racing. The intent being, to allow race organizers a way to segregate these boats into their own fleet (if possible), allowing other racers an opportunity to win.
Motion to design criteria to identify performance classes as an expansion to the current “Sport Boat” designation. M/S: Adam/John. Fran apposed.
Action: Adam will work with Owen to develop this.

c) US Sailing Fleet Assessment - Jamie D & Owen S - (From last years meeting).
Action: Deferred to next meeting in Jamie’s absence.

d) Q Analysis - Diana Riley per Steve Corona
Over the past two meetings a full review of the outcome of a re-analysis of Q being used in our Time on Time formula was completed.
Conclusion: No change to our current Q of .008 was recommended. But an analysis of the optimum Q for Interclub Races indicated a possible change.
Discussion of the need to print the Time on Time number on the certificate.
Motion: that the TOD, not the TOT, is the number that will continue to be printed on the certificate. M/S. Bill/Fran. Carried.

e) Budget Review for Projects - for Executive
Diana asked that this not be reviewed at this time. Time needed to look at projects as outlined above. Agreed.

7) Other items

a) Use of the term "Chief" in titles.
After lengthy discussion and references to the current political environment.
Motion to continue using the word “Chief”. Bill V/Adam. Carried.

b) Technical Advisory Committee - New members needed.
District Chiefs and Exec were asked to make recommendations.

c) Reciprocal certificates - do they require mainsail measurements? – Diana
Reciprocal PHRF regions do not include mainsail measurements and therefore it is not included on their certificates.
Action: include a statement on the web site that ALL reciprocal PHRF-LO certificates will be bound by the same rules that apply to all PHRF-LO certificate holders.
These applicants will be asked to complete a PHRF-LO application and supply the mainsail measurements or accept the 3 sec/nm penalty.

d) Lake & LYRA awards & Trophies – Chapman award.
The Executive, with the assistance of Central Council, have been actively working on some new awards. They will be announcing details of this in the next few weeks.

8)  Adjournment: 4:30 pm.

Next CC meetings:

Fall Meeting: November 17, 2018

Winter Meeting: February 23, 2019

Spring Meeting: March 31, 2019 (Spring workshop: March 30, 2019)

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