February 2019

Central Council Meeting

February 23, 2019

Port Credit Yacht Club

Attendees: Brian Thomson (Chief Hand), Adam Farkas (Asst. Chief Non-GTA), Jamie Dike (Asst. Chief GTA), Bill Visser (EYC), Larry Huibers (SSYRA), Fran Doyle (ROCH), Owen Schneider (TORE), John Crawley (TORW), Kevin Piper (TAC), Diana Riley (Exec. Asst)

1)      Meeting called to order at: 10:45 am.

2)      Motion to approve minutes from Nov 2018. M/S: Jamie/Owen. Carried

3)     Class Reviews:

  1. Alert Review
    1. Ajax 28
         Motion +6 to NFS-Delta
           M/S: Owen/Bill. Carried
    2. Beneteau 1st 235 SD/WK.
        Motion +6 to FS-SP.
           M/S: Adam/Larry. Carried.
    3. C&C 115 CF
         Motion -3 to NFS-Delta
           M/S: Owen/Larry. Carried
    4. C&C 24.
         Motion -3 to FS-SP.

           M/S: Owen/Fran. Carried
    5. C&C 25-1 OB. Benchmark Boat (BB).
         Motion to remove the BB status.
           M/S. John/Owen. Carried
         Motion -6 to FS-SP.
           M/S. Owen/Larry. Carried.
            Objections: Fran.
    6. C&C 30 SD
         Motion -6 to FS-SP
           M/S: Larry/Owen. Carried
    7. C&C Redwing 30
        Motion -3 to FS-SP

           M/S: John/Larry. Carried
    8. Capri 22 Catalina
         Motion -9 to FS-SP
           M/S: Larry/John. Carried
    9. Capri 25
         Motion -6 to FS-SP

           M/S: John/Owen. Carried
    10. Chaser 29
         Noted this is a CC member class.
         No Change. Fran Abstained
    11. Custom 24
         Motion +6 to FS-SP
           M/S: Owen/Larry. Carried
    12. Hanse 355
         Motion -6 to FS-SP
           M/S: Larry/John. Carried.
    13. J 133
         Motion -3 to FS-SP
           M/S: Larry/John. Carried
           Objection: Owen
    14. J 22
         Motion to assign this class as a Benchmark Boat (BB).
           M/S.  Larry/Owen. Carried
    15. Kirby 23
         Motion -6 to FS-SP
           M/S: John/Larry. Carried
    16. Mull 22 MOD
         Motion -6 to FS-SP
           M/S: Larry/John. Carried
    17. Niagara 26 OB
         Motion -3 to NFS-Delta
           M/S: Owen/John. Carried
    18. Pearson 26 Benchmark Boat (BB)
         Motion to remove the BB status
           M/S: Bill/Owen. Carried
    19. Pearson 30
         Motion -3 to FS-SP
           M/S: Owen/John. Carried
           Abstained: Fran
    20. S2 7.9
         Motion -6 to NFS-Delta
           M/S: Larry/John. Carried
    21. S2 9.1
         Motion -6 to FS-SP
           M/S: Larry/Owen. Carried
           Abstained: John
    22. Soverel 27 IB
         Motion -3 to FS-SP
          M/S: John/Owen. Carried
           Objection: Fran
         Motion to rescind change to rating based on recommendations by District and direct competitive knowledge of boat.
           M/S: Fran/Owen. Carried
    23. Tanzer 22
         Motion to assign this class as a Benchmark Boat (BB)
           M/S: Bill/Owen. Carried
    24. Tanzer 7.5
         Motion -6 to FS-SP
           M/S: Bill/Owen. Carried
    25. Tripp 37
         Motion -3 to FS-SP
           M/S: Owen/
           Motion failed due to lack of second.
    26. Viper 830 CF
      Motion to defer decision on this class until March meeting.
      Certificate 6017 will be marked as “Pending” so it cannot be renewed until a review has been completed
    27. X 102
         Motion -3 to FS-SP
           M/S: Larry/Owen. Carried
    28. X 95 TM MOD 2
         Motion -3 to FS-SP
           M/S: Larry/Owen. Carried

2. Classes brought up during racing season

    1. Archambault 35 - Rating issue - Adam Farkas
      This is being reviewed as part of an ongoing issue with how PHRF-LO handles the Bowsprit classes and sail size adjustments

Motion 1: -6 to FS-SP as per performance review
  M/S: Adam/John. Carried

Motion 2: To review all the following classes FS-SP at the meeting in March
 - all classes where there is a boat that has added a centerline to a Non-CL class
- all classes that were deleted due to the changes to how we handle CL Bowsprits
  M/S: John/Adam. Carried

3. Grievances

    1. Bluenose - appeal from Eastern District meeting
      Bill Visser presented comparisons of this boat against the currently rated Bluenose. There appears to be 3 variances. Bluenose (Nova Scotia), Bluenose (Original), McVay Bluenose (unmodified). He asked CC to advise on the question as to whether the McVay Bluenose class is different enough to warrant a separate class
         Motion that this be treated as a “New Class” with its own Initial Assignment. Named: McVay Bluenose
          M/S: Bill/Fran. Carried
          Action: Bill will present the IA for review by CC at the March meeting.

5)    Handicapping items:


Correction in 15% bowsprit allowance – Adam
Discussion only. More work needed on project.


No changes or reviews

c) Jib:

No changes or reviews

d) Point to Point racing with an Asym on a sprit separate from W/L races.
From last meeting:
Jamie Dike is still working with the TAC to look into Point to Point ratings and should be completed within 2 years and have at the very least an experimental number.

Jamie Dike excused himself from the meeting before this item could be reviewed. Tabled for March meeting.

6) Projects and Initiatives:

  1. Project for Class Designation of High Performance Boats - Adam Farkas & Owen Schneider
    Based on lack of support for this initiative, project has been discontinued.

  2. US Sailing Fleet Assessment - Jamie D & Owen S - (From last years meeting).
    Tabled for March meeting.

  3. Budget Review for Projects - for Executive
    No projects from this meeting.

8)      Adjournment at 4:35 pm

Next CC meetings:

Spring Meeting: March 31, 2019

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