March 2019

Central Council Meeting

March 31, 2019

Dalhousie Yacht Club


Brian Thomson (Chief), Adam Farkas (Asst. Chief), Bill Visser (EYC), Scott Lyons (GHPRF – rep), Larry Huibers (SSYRA), Dale Ewbank (ROCH – rep), Owen Schneider (TORE), John Crawley (TORW), Keven Piper (TAC), Diana Riley (Exec Asst)

Guests: Mike Campbell, Bill Topping, Alison Jones

1)      Meeting was called to order at 10:17 am.

2)     Motion to approve Minutes from February 2019. Larry/Adam. Carried.

3)     Class Reviews:

  1. New Class Rating Reviews

a) J 122 CF
Adjust FS-SP -9 (24 – 9 = 15). M/S Owen/Larry. Carried.
Noted: J Boats recommend 33 FS-ASP, J 111 is 42 FS-ASP, the 122 should be faster.

b) Quest 33 IB -SB
Motion: Give back the PTF (71 + 6 = 77) noted by admin that this needs to be divisible by 3, so FS-SP set at 78.

  1. Specific Class issues not resolved in previous meetings

a) Viper 830 CF –SB – from Alerts but deferred. Certificate marked as Pending
Motion: Adjust FS-SP -15 M/S Larry/ defeated with no second
Motion:  Adjust FS-SP -21 (51 – 21 = 30) M/S Owen/John. Carried
Noted: Sport boat index factor is extremely high for this class >2
Comparison boats used were all less than 1.2
Standard Deviation & performance is in excess of 2.5 standard deviations below its ASP
Observed performance on the course & in race data
Compared to J 35 (Benchmark boat) in that club/District and the Viper 640

b) McVay Bluenose - New IA from EYC District
After much discussion and review of class, two decisions where made:
1. Rename the Bluenose to “Bluenose Cuddy” to clearly identify this class against that of the modified Eastern Canada boats. M/S Bill/John. Carried.
2. Motion to adjust FS-SP +9 (222 + 9 = 231) based on appeal. M/S. Owen/Larry. Carried.

  1. Other Class Reviews

a) Beneteau 1st 40 – Measurements & New Class
This class came to the attention of the Admin office after an owner inquired about submitting an appeal.
We had two classes rated:
Beneteau 1st 40 DK                            FS-SP = 21
Beneteau 1st 40 clb rcr SD – CF         FS-SP = 54

After exhaustive discussion:
Action 1: Rename the Beneteau 1st 40 clb rcr SD – CR as:
Beneteau 1st 40 TM
Action 2: Update all measurements to match that of the brochure for both classes
Motion: Set the FS-SP of the Beneteau 1st 40 DK and then set ratings accordingly for other classes. Carbon mast will get standard -6 ASP adj.
- Beneteau 1st 40 DK = +24 (21 + 24 = 45)
- Beneteau 1st 40 TM DK = -6 (54 – 6 = 48) +3 from Std mast
- Beneteau 1st 40 (New shoal draft version) +6 from DK (45+6=51)

M/S: Brian/Adam. Carried.

b) CL boats on Non-CL classes & Bowsprit classes deleted. – Adam Farkas
A full list was presented.
Action: further work/discussion will be needed within the TAC & Adam Farkas

c) Perry 58 –  Rating review request
Adam Farkas asked that the rating of this “New” class be reviewed even though there is little race results to review.
Action: Correct I vs ISP values seem to be transposed. Correct JSP = J.
Motion: Adjust FS-SP -12 (0 - 12 = -12) to get an FS-ASP = -6
M/S. Adam/Larry. Carried. John Crawley abstained.

d) Nelson Marek 36 vs Farr 36 – Rating review request
Action: Rename Mumm 36 to Farr 36 (Mumm)
Motion: Adjust FS-SP -9 (60 – 9 = 51). M/S. Larry/Owen. Carried
Adam & John abstained.
Noted: Rating set within 3 sec/nm of the Farr 36

e) J 70 – Larry Huibers brought to CC.
Motion: Adjust FS-SP +6 (96 + 6 = 102). M/S Larry/John. Carried.
Noted: Felt that the ASP should be around 120

4)    Handicapping items:


  • 15 % Sprit allowance & CL boats on Non-CL classes


  • No changes or reviews

c) Jib:

  • No changes or reviews

d) Point to Point racing with an Asym on a sprit separate from W/L races.
From last meeting:
Jamie Dike is still working with the TAC to look into Point to Point ratings and should be completed within 2 years and have at the very least an experimental number.
No action taken at this meeting, Jamie not available

e) NFS-DELTA - new information
Action: Update of Disp calculation to use 62.4 vs 64 (fresh vs salt water)
Noted: Use of Jamie & Owen's Crew Weight in the Jim Teeters formula should be considered as it makes an improvement for the Sport boats.

f) Alternate TOT use – Alison Jones

Alison proposed that the use of the Alternate TOT be discontinued.

As Alison is not a member of CC, the motion was made by M/S Bill Visser/Owen.
A spirited discussion took place in which is was generally agreed that:
1. Further research on the Alternate is needed: Brian Thomson
2. Publishing this without very specific directives leaves it up to interpretation and confusion. Scott.
Central Council will look at this once more research is available.

5) Projects and Initiatives:

a) US Sailing Fleet Assessment - Jamie Dike & Owen S
No action taken at this meeting, Jamie not available

b) Budget Review for Projects - for Executive – No change

6). Other items

a) New Ratings for Non-member Certificates.
Action: It was decided that a small group of Central Council members will be enlisted to set ratings for classes of boat for Non-member Certificates.

7)      Adjournment at 3:44 pm

Next CC meetings:

Fall Meeting: Nov 16, 2019

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