GHPHRF February 2022

Golden Horseshoe District Meeting
7:00 p.m.
February 15, 2022



The meeting was conducted on Zoom


Bronte Harbour Yacht Club – Sue Sproule (Chair)

Fifty Point Sailing club – Garry Cooke, Nick Ehlert

Georgian Yacht Club – Daniel Jones

Midland Bay Yacht Club – John Parkhurst

Oakville Yacht Squadron – Ken Town, Scott Lyons, Sean Dinsmore

Reef Boat Club – Ron Owston, Howard Cairns

Royal Hamilton Yacht Club – Al Molloy

Thornbury Yacht Club – Stephen Fisher

Assistant Chief Handicapper – Owen Schneider (attended for Items 1-3)

  1. SANTANA 20 SD/WK MOD - Appeal

An appeal for a rating change for the Santana 20 SD/WK Mod was reviewed and discussed.

The modified class was rated in June 2017 by the Assistant Chief Handicapper on a “rush” basis. It was acknowledged at the time that this was the SD/WK version of the Santana 20 and the MOD classification was applied to indicate that the rig was converted from fractional to masthead. At that time, the Assistant Chief Handicapper indicated that the rating should be reviewed by the District “at their next opportunity and confirm or change, subject to the usual process.”

Race results from the 2021 season were reviewed, showing that the boat is able to sail to its current handicap.

Moved by Garry that the appeal be denied.

Approved (Al Molloy abstained)
Susan will respond to the appellant.

     2.  FARR X2 CF-SB - Initial Assignment

This is a new boat from Farr Designs. Draft ORC ratings were the primary resource used to determine an initial assignment.

Moved by Susan that the initial assignment for the FARR X2 CF-SB be set at FS SP = 39 which gives an FS ASP of 53 with the recommended sail plan. The standard PTF of -6 seconds will apply, resulting in an ASP of 47 until sufficient race results are available for analysis.


     3. DUFOUR 360 GL SD – Initial Assignment

This will be a non-member certificate, with a rating for NFS only.

Moved by Stephen that that the initial assignment for the DUFOUR 360 GL SD be set at FS SP = 135 which gives an NFS ASP of 168. The standard PTF of -6 seconds will apply, resulting in an NFS ASP of 162 until sufficient race results are available for analysis.


     4. Race Analysis Review

All boats within the District that are on the Alert list were reviewed. No rating changes were recommended at the District level.

The Niagara 26 is a benchmark boat. It has consistently been on the alert list for NFS. Sue will ask for it to be discussed at Central Council.

     5. Other business

     a) Events for the 2022 PHRF-LO Championship (Chapman Trophy)

Many 2022 dates are missing for the events that are usually included in this Championship. All handicappers were asked to confirm dates for the events in their clubs and get back to Sue or to Alison at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

      b) Handicapping changes for 2022

Symmetrical spinnakers – As of 2022, we change to measuring mid-girth rather than maximum girth. This should not make a difference for most boats; however more “triangular-shaped” symmetrical sails may receive a benefit if their sail is re-measured.  Re-measuring would be done at the owner’s request.

Asymmetrical spinnakers – From the AGM it was noted that all asymmetrical sails should be measured to determine if they are legal sails. It was also suggested that the largest and the smallest be recorded. It is not clear where any additional data will be recorded or maintained, so for now keep local records on any new asymmetrical sails measured.