TORE February 2012

Minutes of the Toronto East PHRF Meeting February 13, 2012

Denis Champagne called the meeting to order followed by each attending handicapper introduced themselves. The following handicappers were in attendance:

David Kernaghan ... Bluffers Park Yacht Club
Ross Eddie ... Bluffers Park Yacht Club
Owen Schneider ... Cathedral Bluffs Yacht Club
Robert Lenters ... Cobourg Yacht Club
David Morton ... Lake Simcoe Yacht Racing
Denis Champagne ... Newcastle Yacht Club
Neil Watson ... Newcastle Yacht Club
Britt Earls ... Port Hope Yacht Club
James Mcrury ... Port Hope Yacht Club
Andrew Sensicle ... Whitby Yacht Club

The meeting started with Denis identifying 3 different boats that were brought forward to the meeting by various handicappers that required a rating and further discussion:

These boats were:

  • Able Poitin 24
  • Hunter 216
  • O’Day 39 SD

Able Poitin 24
Handicappers were provided 1 year of race data along with all information known about the boat prior to the meeting.
One of the attending Newcastle handicappers, Neil Watson was the owner of the boat and was NOT allowed to vote on its rating. He did however answer questions related to the boat, and provide background information of the 2011 fleet divisions at NCYC.                                      This further supported the race data and additional questions from other club handicappers.

5 Flying Sail ratings were tabled by other handicappers. These ratings included the -6 first time
certificate penalty:

  • 189
  • 183
  • 189
  • 186
  • 186

A recommendation of 186 was agreed upon by all eligible voting handicappers.

O’Day 39 SD
No data was provided about the boat so no recommendation was given by the handicappers. ??

Hunter 216
The boat had been fibreglass reinforced due to hull cracking. The boats original displacement was 1500 lbs and the new displacement with the repairs is now 2000 lbs. Questions were asked regarding the boats pre-repair race data and whether there was                             comparative race data to support the boats post-repair performance. Without race data to support a ruling, no recommendation was provided for this boat.

VPP Boat Ratings
Lots of discussion regarding this process. We were fortunate to have Andrew present to give us some background on this ongoing process.
The handicappers present reviewed most of the ALERTS on the spreadsheet.
The consensus of the group is that the process needs more work. It was felt that implementation should be delayed. The recommendation is that once the numbers are adjusted (VPP) , the last two year’s worth of results should be re-run with the new (VPP)                           numbers and the results

Denis Champagne
Toronto East, District chief handicapper