TORE February 2017



CBYC – Owen Schneider
HYC – Jim McGuinness, Mike Bauer, Milutin Ajdacic
WYC – James Dike

1. Capri 23.5 – Tentative Rating until we have the ISP leave it alone, refer to CC with FT-7.5.

2. Skud 18 – Remove the PTF

3. 1D 35 – Razorbill – May need to re-rate based on actuals, no items to change based on use of formulas – Refer any changes to CC.

4. PHRF – UPDATES from AGM/CC meetings

a. Main Adjustments – 98-102% 0, 102-104% 2 s, etc., 9 seconds max

5. Other Updates

a. Define what is rated (displacement cruiser racer, 18ft, 1300lbs)

b. Areas other PHRF consistent data, form letter, standards – US Sailing their data is inconsistent (SPs, ASPs, etc.), weather, etc.

c. Sport Boats Definition (see FARR List of sportboats)

d. Point to Point Rating discussion.

e. National Rating Rule US PHRF – All the same rating for everyone (not observed data), do not support use.

6. Sprit Adjustments

a. Move to a curve based measurement, fixed adjustments aren’t correct, suggest to CC.

7. Class Review – Per attached PDF – Revised Able Poitin 24 to minus 12, minus 12.

8. New Business - None

9. District Chief Election – Owen Schneider confirmed for 2017

Meeting Adjourned 21:40- Thank you HYC!