TORE March 2021

PHRF-LO Toronto East Mid-Winter District Meeting Agenda
19:00 Tuesday, March 16th, 2021

Host: Zoom Call, Owen Schneider
Barrie Yacht Club (BAYC) – David Morton
Bluffers Park Yacht Club (BPYC) – Ross Eddie
Cathedral Bluff Yacht Club (CBYC) – Owen Schneider (chair)
Cobourg Yacht Club (CYC) – Robert Lenters
Highland Yacht Club (HYC) – Michael Bauer
Whitby Yacht Club (WYC) – James Dike

Summary of Ratings Approved
Jouët 940 MOD MS, SP of FS – 159, NFS – 165 (No PTF adjustment)

1. Administration:
        District Chair Election – James Dike New TORE Chair – unanimous approval by all in attendance
2. Handicapping
         New Rating – Jouët 940 MOD MS, SP of FS – 159, NFS – 165 (No PTF adjustment)
            -  Pilothouse motor sailor highly biased towards cruising, not racing, thus application of the PTF is deemed unnecessary
            -  Boat in ASP format will be subject to rule setting ASP of FS = NFS as recently approved by Central Council, when FS>NFS
            -  Data at (shoal specifications shown)
             - Information including in Handicappers Worksheet (Jouët 940 MOD MS.xlsm)
3. Next Meeting Date – Spring/Summer 2021, exact date to be determined.
4. End – Meeting End Called at 19:45