RDPHRF February 2016


Feb 20, 2016 – held at GYC

Attendants: Bill Topping BYC, Dale Ewbank GYC, Bill Strobel FHYC, Hank Stuart RCSC, Fran Doyle SBYC

Herb Clark SYC sent email opinions prior to the meeting and these were shared with the group.

1)      The meeting was called to order at 10:10 am

2)      Old business:

The Soverel 30 MH was rated last summer. The boat’s handicappers work sheet was sent in with handicapper measured parameters. As phrf-lo prefers to use manufacturers information, it was decided the web site should be                                                                                    updated with the manufacturer’s data and the sp be adjusted to keep the asp the same.

3)      Alert list: The following boats were discussed.

Beneteau 1st 345 SBYC

C &C 25-1 ob GYC

C&C 25 - 2 ob BYC

C&C 29 -1 and 2 mult

C&C 35-3 SBYC

Chaser 29 SBYC

Goman Exp 30-2 GYC

Hunter 28.5  GYC BYC

J 22 mult

J 27 mult

J 29 7/8 ob SYC

J 30 OYC mult


J 80 mult

J 88 GYC

Laser 28 mult

Nonsuch 26 PYC

O Day 25 cb  OYC

Pearson 30 mult

S2 7.9 mult

Sabre Spirit RYC

Scampi 3 mod GYC

Tanzer 26  GYC

X102 GYC

It was decided their ratings should stay the same with the following 2 exceptions:

Sabre Spirit should be adjusted -6 and the Laser 28 should be adjusted +3 to +9

4)      8 meter boats: Fran sought history on the rating of the 8 meter boats in light of the large wing keels and trim tab. It was agreed that Alluette is indeed a faster 8 meter.

5)      There are no boats in our division that need to be reviewed for 6 seconds for ptf.

6)      New business:

  1. With respect to a proposed handicapper manual change that would allow only 1 sail change per year per certificate we disagreed.
    However after listening the the CC’s reasons, Fran was asked to use her judgement in how we vote for this.
  2. Bill Topping updated us on plans for the spring training session. He has specific plans to help all levels of handicappers.
    This should help us all put better info in so we can get better info out.
  3. he group was updated on the changes with mainsails spinnakers and head sails. Our opinion remain the same
  4. They were also updated that CC is also considering changes for the prop and possible ratings for point to point racing.
  5. The $25 change in US certificate charges was explained.
  6. The improvement in evaluation of race results using the interquartile range was reviewed.
  7. The changes with non-member certificates were reviewed.
  8. Hank suggested that race managers document the winds and any weather related vagaries that may affect the race results. He also suggested that they should report any irregularities that boats are using in the race.                                                                                          He will develop a proposal that Fran can bring to the next CC meeting. Of course, these will be available to the person who sends in the race results. The purpose of this proposal is to improve the information we provide                                                                                          in order to draw better conclusions from that data.

7) Fran was asked to continue to represent the Rochester district.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:50 am

Submitted by Fran Doyle SBYC