RDPRF Feb 2021

Feb 23, 2021

7:30 PM

Attending: Tim Breen, RYC – Steve Corona, GYC – Bill Topping, BYC – Kelley Vore, PYC – Bill Strobel, FHYC – Fred Suppon, OYC – Herb Clark, SYC – Bob Wart,SYC
Fran Doyle, SBYC moderator

Call to order 7:35

Review of plans for covid year 2 at the different clubs

Old Business: Andy Sharp will represent the South Shore district

Appeal of the Flying Tiger 10M
The owner requests a change in the ASP from 63 to 75. He is concerned with the difficulty of rating sport boats in PHRF and requests a review. Fred, the OYC handicapper did an exhaustive search of ratings in other districts and found Lake Lanier to be the best representative. He found the rating of SP 54 to be an accurate rating for that area and consistent with not taking 6 seconds off for the retractable motor with cover plate ( which we do on Lake Ontario.)
However, review of old data for these boats sailed in other districts did not support a change in the rating. This data includes Unleashed sailed in another district.
After discussion, 7 members voted on the rating to be changed to 3sec, 6 seconds, or no time. The final district decision was to give the Flying Tiger 10 M 3 seconds.

New Business: none

Election of district representative: Laughing ensued by 8 of 9 attendees.

Adjournment: 8:30 pm