EYC November 2015

PHRF-LO EYC District Meeting
Saturday, November 7 at 10 AM
Kingston Yacht Club

1. Attendance: Bill Visser (COBA; DC); Mike Bowland (PEYC); Peter Simmons (BQYC); Rob Colwell (KYC); Gord Cooke (BRYC); Robert Currie (PRYC – via telephone).

2. Agenda: Moved by Rob Colwell, seconded by Peter Simmons that the Agenda be accepted. Peter requested discussion of Redwing 30 be added under New Business, Adjustments / Appeals. Carried.

3. Minutes: Moved by Rob Colwell, Seconded by Gord Cooke that the minutes of the May 4 Teleconference Meeting be accepted.

4. District Chief: Being no indication that anyone would be willing  to assume responsibilities, Bill Visser continues as District Chief for the next year.

5. Business Arising from the Minutes:

a. Sabre 32;New variant class (SABRE 32 KCB) created
b. DS-16: Complete package submitted; Class created.

6. New Business:

a. New Boats:

i. Irwin 10/4 (Submitted by Robert Currie – PRYC) – Moved by Gord Cooke, Seconded by Peter Simmons that the IRWIN 10/4 be assigned a FS-SP of 235, and that the PTF adjustment not be applied as we have two years race data                                                           from the club to support the SP assigned.

ii. VX-One (Submitted by Ralph Shaw – KYC) – Moved by Rob Colwell, seconded by Gord Cooke that the VX-One be assigned a recommended FS-SP of 108 and the PTF be applied, giving an assigned FSSP of 102.

b. Adjustments / Appeals:

i. Redwing 30 – Peter Simmons (BQYC) shared that a number of competitors questioned the validity of the Redwing 30 rating, having just completed its first
season at the club. After discussion, action will be that Peter will re-measure sails, and gather performance history for the boat.

c. Other discussions:

i. PHRF-LO Handicappers Manual, Section 7.5 – Robert Currie (PRYC) observed that based on performance at his club, there appears to be an inequity with the allowances for exposed propellers in Section 7.5. The initial adjustment                                                     of 12 seconds seems to be a bit generous. Perhaps the initial adjustment should be 6 seconds, and subsequent adjustments retain the same delta. After group discussion: Moved by Robert Currie, seconded by Mike Bowland that Central                                               Council be requested to review PHRF-LO Handicappers Manual Section 7.5 and address perceived inequities.

7. Next meeting (Spring 2016) at the call of the Chair.

8. Adjournment: Moved by Gord Cooke, seconded by Rob Colwell that the meeting be adjourned.
Carried. Meeting adjourned at 11:37 AM.