EYC May 2015

PHRF-LO EYC District
Spring Meeting – Conference Call
Monday May 4, 2015 – 7 PM

Participants: BRIT: Kirk Robertson; COBA, EYC DC: Bill Visser; CVGR: Simon Gregoire; CYC: Dan Machold; HHYC: Canaan Leonard; KYC: ROBERT Colwell, Ralph Shaw; NSC: Jan Huus, Hugh Morrin.

Minutes of the previous meeting (November 2014) accepted as correct due to lack of comment since distributed.

Sabre 32 (CVGR, Simon Gregoire for Bruno Dufrense) Initially this boat was to be submitted for an Initial Assessment for the KCB version. However, as the worksheet now makes standard adjustments for using a KCB the                                                                                                     new boat class is no longer required.
Simon will complete the worksheet with the change to the Keel Configuration. Based on other regions there should be up to a 9 second adjustment. Simon will report if the adjustment differs so further action (if required) can be initiated.                                                                               Follow up in our Fall (November 2015) meeting.

DS-16 (NSC, Jan Huus) Moved by Jan Huus, seconded by Rob Colwell (KYC) that the DS-16 be assigned an Initial SP of 300. After PTF applied, this will result in a published FS-SP of 294 and a NFS-SP of 309. Carried.                                                                                                                  Jan will complete the 2015 ASP Calculation tab in the spreadsheet before being submitted for processing.

VX-ONE (KYC, Ralph Shaw) Information not available to complete the Initial Assessment worksheet. When information has been provided, Ralph will prepare worksheet. A Conference Call will be held as required at that point.                                                                                 Subsequent discussion confirmed that as this is a Sport Boat other Sport Boats be used for comparisons.

PACESHIP 29 NORTHWIND CB (KYC, Rob Colwell) Held over from November 2014 meeting, due to unavoidable absence of KYC Handicapper. This boat is unique to district. Moved by Rob Colwell, seconded by Hugh Morrin (NSC)                                                                                     that based on analysis and observed performance that the PACESHIP 29 NORTHWIND CB FS-SP be set at 231, with no PTF applied. This will provide a NFS-SP of 252. Carried.

Next meeting at the call of the District Chief.

There being no other business, meeting adjourned.