EYC November 2018

PHRF-LO EYC District Meeting 
November 3 2018 – 10 AM
Kingston Yacht Club, Kingston
Meeting called to order at 10:15
Present (in person): Kirk Robertson (BRIT); Bill Visser (DC and CBYC); Dan Machold (CYC); Harold (Tom) Tomlinson (HHYC);Chris Walmsley (KYC); Rob Colwell (KYC); Georges-Andre Chaudron (NSC); Hugh Morrin (NSC)
Selection of District Chief 
Bill Visser will continue as District Chief Handicapper of EYC District for the 2018- 2019 period.
New Boats 
Cape Dory Typhoon 18 (Weekender). Moved by Tom Tomlinson (HHYC), Seconded by Hugh Morrin (NSC) that an SP of 294 (before -6 PTF applied) be set for the subject boat. The target NFS-ASP based on observed performance is 312. If the NFS- Delta changes then the SP should be adjusted to maintain the target 312 NFS-ASP.
Carried (Tom abstained from actual vote).
Appeal / Reviews
Kirk Robertson (BRIT) presented updated information regarding the Bluenose. It appears that there are multiple variants of the original Bluenose, however the Bluenose Class Association recognises that they are considered equal in performance. Kirk will continue to research to determine if the current variations known are sufficiently different to justify creating a new Boat Class. The objective is to have a recommendation to Central Council for the February Class Review session (February 23 2019).
Other Business 
Moved by Hugh Morrin (NSC), Seconded by Rob Colwell (KYC) that Central Council be requested to move away from the 1 second adjustments and return to the 3 second adjustment bands. The introduction of the 1 second adjustments has created too much confusion (and rift) at the club level among members and handicappers as a result of the changes. It was noted that PHRF was intended to be a simple club level rating system and the complexity now in place is eroding the confidence in that spirit.
Meeting adjourned at 12:40