EYC November 2019

PHRF-LO EYC District
Fall Meeting
November 2 2019 – 10 AM
Kingston Yacht Club, Kingston


  1. Roll Call
    1. Present: Bill Visser (DC & COBA); Rob Colwell (KYC); Dave Harmon, (CFBT); David Rice (HHYC); Gord Cooke (BRYC); Dan Machold (CYC);
    2. Via SKYPE: Jan Huus (NSC)
  2. Acceptance (Changes) to Agenda -
  3. Selection of District Representation
    1. District Chief – Bill Visser (via Acclamation)
    2. Assistant District Chief
      1. Move by Rob Colwell, Seconded by Dale Harmon that:
        1. In case of any re-organization of District that as requested by BRYC that BRYC remain part of EYC, not part of an Ottawa Based District.
        2. The DC met with Ottawa River clubs and offered them the opportunity to have an Assistant DC to provide additional support reflecting Ottawa area; and if accepted direct a process to select an ADC.
          - Carried
  4. Old Business:
    1. Bluenose Cuddy – Update provided. It is the consensus of those at meeting that should there be further discussion that a new appeal be submitted as outlined in the Handicappers Manual. Previous appeal to be considered handled.
  5. Appeals: None
  6. New Business
    1. New Boat – Spencer 32
      Moved by Gord Cooke, seconded by Rob Colwell that the FS SP of 171 (with PTF applied) be assigned - Carried
    2. New Boat - Optima 101
      Moved by Rob Colwell, seconded by Dan Machold that the FS SP of 141 (with PTF applied) be assigned – Carried
      - Note: there may be results available for previous years. If they are available then they will be forwarded for analysis which may allow the removal of the PTF.
    3. VIPER 640 – Recognition as Class Association
      Moved by Jan Huus, seconded by Gord Cooke that Central Council be requested to recognize the VIPER 640 as a “Recognized Class Association”
  7. General Information Updates:
    1. Race Results status
      Everyone is reminded to get their results in by Nov 15 to be included in this seasons analysis.
    2. Upcoming Meetings
      - PHRF-LO AGM is as scheduled for January 18 2020 at the Toronto Boat Show
      - PHRF-LO Spring Training session will be held March 28 2020 at the Genesee Yacht Club.
    3. Upcoming Reviews
      Anyone who has a boat that they wish reviewed should notify the DC as soon as possible. Fall Central Council meeting is November 16 2019.
  8. Next District meetings:
    1. Spring teleconference – April 29 2020 – Tentative time of 7 PM via SKYPE conferencing
    2. Fall annual meeting – November 7 2020
  9. General Discussion
    1. David Rice asked about the use of WL8 vs WL10 or other configurations for Teeters Formula when calculating NFS SP’s. During discussion it was asked that impact on all NFS ratings be assessed as not everyone concurs with use of WL8 as best factor to apply. This will be passed along to Central Council.
  10. Adjournment – The agenda being competed the meeting is declared adjourned.

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Optima 101

Spencer 32

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