GHPRF February 2012

Golden Horseshoe District PHRF-LO Winter Meeting
22 February

Meeting commenced at 7:15pm


Garry Cooke - Handicapper FPYC

Mike Dale - Handicapper OYS

Alison Jones - Handicapper OYS, GH District Chief

Susan Sproule - Handicapper BHYC

Mike Van Der Vart - Handicapper HBCN


Background and discussion about the VPP data which is providing the calculated delta between FS & NFS SP's.

GH clubs present all agreed that race data and subsequent analysis is the fundamental basis for determining and verifying handicaps, calculations should not be overriding this.

It is recognized that the JT calculation is probably a better delta to use when developing an initial assignment and for GH should be used for all IA's in the last 2 years (Alison to draw up list of these boats for review by GH prior to March CC meeting)

Water Ballast

Alison advised that feedback had been sought from Dyer/Reise regarding the PHRF inclusion of water ballasted boats and if this waives Rule 54 as do the IRC regulations. Probably discussed at Feb CC meeting as requests for SI modifications for LOSHRS 2012 to enable Stigaro to race is in limbo. Modification to PHRF regs would eliminate need for SI rule changes for canted keel and water ballast. There is NO WAY that PHRF-LO will issue 2 certificates for Stigaro.

Class Reviews

This meeting will address GH boats targetted for review by 2011 race analysis data and in the process examine the JT delta for those classes. Review of all 230 GH boats is not possible in this meeting and this process is anticipated to take several years.

GH District recommendations:-

Beneteau 1st 10R - JT delta contradicts the race data, race data should override.

C&C 33-2 - 2011 NFS races predominantly on triangle courses, OYS FS data not included as they race class. No change

C&C 36 - Gets a new sail every 5 years?? Consistent performance no change

Alison Jones
GHPRF District Chief