GHPHRF Aug 2021, Zoom Meeting

Golden Horseshoe District Meeting

August 23, 2021, 7:00 pm

Meeting was held on Zoom


In attendance

Susan Sproule, GH District Handicapper

Al Molloy, Royal Hamilton Yacht Club

Randy St Jacques, Fifty Point Sailing Club

Nick Ehlert, Fifty Point Sailing Club

Scott Lyons, Oakville Yacht Squadron

Al Woolnough, Collingwood Yacht Club

Mick Bellisario, Royal Hamilton Yacht Club

Mark Passmore, Royal Hamilton Yacht Club


  1. Mirage 33 Mod

Replacement rudder was designed and built using carbon fibre. Al Woolnough will ask owner for permission to talk to Steve Killing to get details on the design. These details and a recommended rating will be placed on the Forum for a vote.

  1. Initial assignment for Pogo 10.5 SK CF - SB

There is a big difference in the two US PHRF regions that have rated this boat – US Sailing Book 2016 shows SPs of 42 (YRALIS) and 75 (NARRAGANSETT BAY).

The current base ratings for Pogo 10.5 in YRALIS database show 78 for W/L and 63 for distance.  These are ASP numbers as we can see in Yachtscoring race data for a Pogo 10.5 that was raced on the US east coast from 2013 to 2020.

  • It shows a current ASP of 63 in mostly distance races.
  • It also shows an IRC rating of 1.108. Using the PHRF-LO formula, this converts to an SP of 37.


Some concern was expressed that this boat has +30 in adjustments; all sails are smaller than standard and receiving credit.


After discussion, approved initial assignment of SP = 33 for an ASP of 63.

With PTF this will result in an SP of 27 and an ASP of 57 until we can evaluate race results.


Meeting ended at 8:40 pm