November 2017

Executive Meeting

November 18, 2017


Attending: Mike Campbell (Pres), Bill Topping (V.Pres), Alison Jones (Sec/Tres), Brian Thomson (Chief Hand), Adam Farkas (Asst. Chief Toronto), Jamie Dike (Asst. Chief Non-Toronto), Diana Riley (Exec Asst), Sheena Tait (Admin Asst)

  1. Call to Order 9am
  2. Acceptance of Minutes from Nov 2016 – Alison Accept, Bill Topping 2nd
  3. Executive Slate Review for 2018 – All continuing
  4. Training & Education Seminars- Bill Topping

a) AGM – Present same at AGM

b) Spring Training

  • 2018 Barrie Hosting
  • Will be moved around yearly
  • Same program running for 3yrs

Program inclusions suggested:

- Quick overview of all class handicap changes and reasons.
- Race Scoring – Quick score & Sailwave
- SP vs ASP
- Results analysis and interpretation by Central Council
- Handicappers Manual items
- Sail Measuring (for end of day)
- Speakers such as sail makers, naval architects, boat builders etc

Bill T, offered to work on putting together a planned course of action for presenting this.

5. Financial Review & Budget Proposal – Alison & Diana

a) 2017 Financial Review

– PHRF down 100 Boats for the year, due to the Weather conditions, caused by widespread flooding.

- Income reduced to the Non-renewal of these Boats

- Invoice Fees are now Due “upon Reciept”

  • - Clubs with no renewals during 2017 will be asked to contribute the minimum in order to sustain membership with PHRF-LO.
  • - Clubs will be informed that we are willing to discuss the Race credit based on racing conditions for 2017.

Alison motioned: At the Discretion of Executive? Request for Race Results to get Credit Based on 2017 will be Waived, due to the 2017 Conditions (flooding/ high water levels) in Ontario.    Jaimie 2nd, Motioned Carried

**NOTE: Annual PHRF AGM will NOT be held in conjunction with the OSA as they are holding their AGM in Nov **

b) Promotion of events using our Handicapping system- Mike Campbell

  • Discontinued

c) Admin Remuneration - unknown at time of posting minutes

d) Project review

- Online Certificate Approval of $5000

e) 2018 Budget Proposal

f) High Water Levels – effect on Certificates

                WHYRA- No racing but renewed most Certificates

                GRYC – Paul said would renew but has not as of yet

                SGA – no renewals in the past 2 years

                MBSC, LSYA, NBYC ?

  • LSYA will be Dropped as an Association, and each Member Club will be asked to join Individually

Refer to actions being taken in 5 a) for Clubs that were affected by flooding

g) Regatta Master Award – Promotion – Alison & Diana

-Proposal for PHRF-LO to award a Boat of the Year

- Poster at Events that are part of it, to help encourage participation

- Will run off of Race Results via a ‘Scoring’ System (yet to be determined)

h) Support charity with free ratings: Adam.
Provided by Handicappers only – amendment

6. From last meeting

a) Member Review:

                          NEW:  none

                          REINSTATE: none

DROP:  - Trident Yacht Club

-Quebec Yacht Club

- Fifty Point Yacht Club

- SGA was added by the Executive

  • Member minimum number of Certificates

- Tabled to be reviewed once Online Certificates become available.

  • Member compliance review

- Tabled until Online Certificates available

 b) Online Certificate (Events Certificates) Update- Diana

                -Approved for 2018 Expense for programming

                - Will ONLY be accessible by /to Handicappers

                - 1 yr to Collect Data & Information  

c) Promotion of Events – Mike Campbell

-Logo on hats
- Slogan "You meet the nicest people ..."
- Facebook Page - done.
- Brochure for Distribution at Boat Show
- 3 Clubs applied for 2017
- Only 1 Club has submitted invoice and been Paid by PHRF
- 1 Club has NOT submitted an Invoice as Required

d) Project Review- Diana

                Website Migration – Completed

                HP Boats – No action needed at this time.

7. New Business

a) Access to Handicappers Worksheet

                -Tabled until online certs available

                -restricted to only CC, once the online cert is avail

b) PHRF Championship- Brian Chapman

 - Brian asked on behalf of LYRA, that PHRF help Promote LYRA via the Newsletter, Calendar & Website

- Brian, Bill V. and Bill T to work out a “Deed of Gift”

 - Open only to PHRF Cert holders, Racing in PHRF Fleets

8)      Next Meeting: Tentatively Scheduled November 17, 2018, 9:00 am

9)      Adjournment of Executive @ 12pm

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