November 2019

Executive Meeting

Port Credit Yacht Club 

Saturday, November 16th, 2019

Attendees: Mike Campbell (Pres), Bill Topping (V.Pres), Alison Jones (Sec/Tres), Brian Thomson (Chief Hand), Adam Farkas (Asst. Chief), Jamie Dike (Asst. Chief), Diana Riley (Exec Assist)

1) Meeting was called to order at 9:10 am

2) Motion to accept minutes from – November 2018 & March 2019.

M/S Bill Topping/Brian T. Carried

3) Executive Slate Review for 2020

Presidents Position – Mike Campbell will resign after the AGM.

Alison & Brian have a suitable candidate that they will contact in order to be nominated at the AGM. Otherwise, we will need to approach others.

Bill Topping, as Vice President, has agreed that he could “in the absence of a President” fill in temporarily until someone is found.

4) Training and Education WORKSHOP– Bill Topping

a) AGM (Jan 18) – Presentation of Changes for 2020 – Jamie Dike will present:

  • 2020: NFS-DELTA – a PowerPoint presentation with the outline, reasoning and new deltas. Distributable copy will be made available to handicappers.
  • 2021: Point to Point – a brief introduction to the work being done and notice that this will be ready for the 2021 racing season. Handouts will be given.

b) Spring Training WorkshopStart time to stay at 10:00 am.

March 28, 2020 - Genesee Yacht Club

2021 - TOR (TORE OR TORW) - Looking for Host Club!
2022 - SW (GHPRF/SSYRA) - Looking for Host Club!
2023 - EAST (EYC & ROCH) - Looking for Host Club

A simple review of Survey results from last year indicated that participants enjoy the workshop and there will be an attempt to include more information while continuing with the current format.

5) Financial Review and Budget Proposal – Alison Jones & Diana Riley

a)     2019 Financial Review – Motion to accept financial review as presented.

M/S Alison/Jamie. Carried.

b)      Promotion of events using our handicapping system - Alison Jones

  • PHRF-LO Chapman - LYRA Award – Discontinued

  • PHRF-LO Boat of the Year - Regional Regatta Award
    Winners have been calculated and will be awarded at the AGM.

  • PHRF-LO Chapman New Racer - Race Analysis Award
    Winners will be calculated once the Race analysis is completed.

Other promotional items suggested:

  • Burgees for Handicappers
  • Banners for Regattas
  • Handicapper service recognition

c)      Admin Remuneration – no change.

d)      Project review

On-line certificates (Event Certificate) - Project update

The on-line certificate is taking a bit longer than expected for various reasons. Diana Riley hopes that the public open version will be available by spring of 2021.

The work outline is:

  • Get sail size calculations built into OLC for handicappers for existing certificates.
  • Have OLC show new ASP(s) for changes to certificates.
  • Give Handicappers ability to create a “New” certificate via OLC
  • Create Public OLC certificate including payment. This could include:

- Full Certificate – used for Non-members to renew and get a certificate
- Event certificate – possibly used by event organizers/handicappers only with expiry date of 1 month. Reduced certificate fee.
- Trial Certificate – not an actual certificate but shows sail sizes and possibly adjustments (sail makers use?) Small fee.


e)      2020 Budget Proposal -
Alison indicated that there does not need to be any fee change for next year.
Motion to accept no change in fees: M/S Alison/Jamie. Carried

NOTE: Club Dues invoice will not get "Race Credit Deposit" applied until the following year once races have been confirmed received.

6)  Member Review:

a) NEW – Fifty Point Sailing Club (Full Member)

b) REINSTATE – Oak Orchard Yacht Club (Provisional) - 6 certificates applied for during 2019

– Aquatic Park Sailing Club

- Newport Yacht Club of Stoney Creek

d) Compliance Review -

Boulevard Club - 4 cert
Georgian YC - 7 Cert
Toronto Sailing & Canoe - 2 Cert

Cresent YC - 5 Cert
Fair Haven YC - 7 Cert
Henderson Harbour - 7 Cert
Rochester Corinthian - 1 Cert - Hank Stuart
Selkirk YC - 7 Certificates

Other: MBSC - racing without valid certificates. An email will be sent out to inquire about this as this goes against our bylaws:
Section 7.3.2, paragraphs 3, 4 & 5

7)     New Business:

a) Access to the Handicappers Worksheet – to be determined as OLC is developed.

b) BYLAW Changes:
Mileage & Expenses: Policy regarding travel compensation for Executives & Central Council - Alison Jones will prepare changes to be presented at the AGM for approval.

c) Strategy Session for PHRF-LO of the future (5 - 10 years)

Alison Jones voiced that there appears to be a need to get an idea of how we see PHRF-LO in the future. The Executive agree that this item alone could take days and that this body was not the one to address it.

It was suggested that there should probably be a committee set up to discuss “What the Strategy session should be focused on” before any actual strategy discussions.

Motion that Alison try to gather a group of people to form the core of this committee who may have a meeting following the AGM.
M/S. Jamie/Mike. Carried.

Suggested group include: Executive member, Central Council member, Handicapper and/or Certificate holder (old & new) in order to get a good mix of ideas and suggestions.

A Questionnaire may also be done. Possibly a handout at the AGM and/or on-line.

8)      Next Meeting: 3rd Saturday in November
          Tentatively Scheduled November 21, 2020, 9:00 am

9)      As there was no other business, the meeting was adjourned.

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