Your Membership Dues Explained

As a Member Club of PHRF-LO your annual Membership dues are sent out in February.

Existing members are billed as follows:

Membership Summary for previous year

Previous Year Balance: A summary of the amount due and payment received on the last dues invoice. Balance due = Total Due - Payment Received.

An overview of the basis (# cert) of the deposit paid on the previous invoice and any applicable race credit. Total Deposit = Certificate Deposit - Race Credit Deposit Reduction

Actual Certificates:

Certificates Issued: At the end of the season, we calculate the "actual" amount based on the number of certificates issued over the season at the certificate fee.

Certificate Surcharge: If the count of certificates is less than 7, a certificate surcharge is included to bring the fee up to our minimum of 7 certificates at the certificate fee.

Race Credit: If races have been submitted, a race submission credit is applied based on the actual number of certificates issued.

HST: HST can only be charged on actual services/product. Therefore, it is added to the total for all certificates that are issued.

Balance Forward Total = Previous Year Balance + Total Deposit - Actual Certificate Total
      * This amount is due or refunded on withdrawal of membership (see terms)


Membership Deposit

To renew your membership with PHRF-LO for the current season, a membership deposit is required.

Certificates: A Deposit for the coming season is estimated based on the number of certificates issued (the previous season) at the current certificate fee. The minimum number is 7 certificates.

Race Credit: As of 2020, the race credit will not be assumed and applied the deposit.
Once the club has submitted Race Results for the season, a Race Results credit will be applied to the "Actual Certificates" Subtotal due (see above).
This will probably result in a credit "Balance Forward" (see above).

Invoice Summary


Balance Forward: As taken from the Membership Summary for previous year above.

Membership Deposit: The total of the "Membership Deposit" for the CURRENT season above.

TOTAL AMOUNT DUE:  Membership Summary for previous year + Membership Deposit.