Central Council Projects

Working closely with the Technical Advisory Committee, Central Council actively works on improvements to our current handicapping system.

Changes to the handicap system are presented at the Annual Meeting and at Spring Training Seminars.

In anticipation of allowing these sails for Point to Point racing, review has begun and talks within the Technical advisory committee have resulted in a few possible items of concern.

In an effort to address a request by members, a considerable amount of time has been spent on looking at and considering various options for establishing a Point to Point (PtoP) handicap for PHRF-LO certificate holders. This included looking at what other regions were doing, ORC handicaps and VPP’s.

Over the past several years, Adam Farkas (Assistant Chief Handicapper) has been reviewing our current system for applying credits and penalties for sail sizes.

On November 11th, he presented his findings and suggestions to a sub-committee of the Central Council for review, comment and consideration at the Central Council meeting on November 17th.