Genoa - 2012

Ready for the 2012 season!

Modifications to the Genoa size.

Genoa size adjustment was also studied using the same database and the VPP.

This has resulted in new values in the Genoa size adjustment table. These changes are more in the nature of a smoothing rather than major changes although the small jibs do get significantly bigger allowances.

At the same time we have started to drop the 3 sec increment for individual adjustment and in future adjustments will be rounded to the nearest whole number. The total adjustment and ASP will therefore not be an increment of 3.

Genoa Study Analysis with Flying Sails is available here.

Genoa Study Analysis without Flying Sails is available here.

Genoa Size Adjustment is available here.

Changes to handicappers manuals include:

Changes to Jib table

Jib Adjustment table 2012

Changes to the Downwind Jib adjustment table.

Downwind Jib Adjustment 2012