Handicappers Worksheet

The Handicappers Worksheet

is a tool used by

Member Club Handicappers Only!

If you are a Handicapper, are logged in and are seeing this message, please contact the PHRF-LO Office to update your registration.

Otherwise, this tool is restricted and proprietary and is not available to the general public.


2021 - Changes Include:

ASP Calc Tab:  Use of new Keel definition, inclusion of Warning about Foot > Girth on Asym Spin.

Initial Assignment Tab: Added new Keel definition, corrected Disp/LL using original and new formula

BB Calc Ratings: NEW tab: to use the Benchmark boats as another tool to establish handicaps.

** Having trouble with "Buttons" not working. Check out the article: Enable Macros using Excel.

*** Mac (Apple) Users: it has been reported that the old Excel 97 - 2003 (left side) spreadsheet seems to be "glitch free" with Open Office.

*** Also reported: New Libre Office appears to handle macros better than Open Office.

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