Mandatory Rating Review List

In previous years we supplied an excel list outlining all the classes being reviewed by Central Council or the Districts as part of the Alert Review.

Starting in 2015, we will be supplying a detailed report (Class Review worksheet) for each class and discontinuing the Excel list.

This report includes more detailed information and is what Central Council uses as part of their review.

Click on this link to view a pdf copy of the "Class Review Worksheets"

Central Council welcomes any and all comments you may have regarding any of the classes coming up for review.

Please post these in our forum.

The criteria for review is as follows:

Central Council will review:

All 3 to 5 (?) Alerts - as indicated in the "Summary Race Analysis"
All 1 & 2  (?) Alerts with  4 consecutive years of negative (-) numbers
All New classes after the second full year of performance data

PHRF-LO Districts will review:

All 1 & 2 (?) Alerts with 4 years of double digit performance. Either negative (-) or positive (+)