Do we need to get certificates for all racers at our club?


We are thinking about joining or have already joined, but we only have a couple of skippers who will be campaigning outside our club who will need certificates.

Are we obligated to obtain certificates for all racers at our club?


This is a subject that comes up regularly.

PHRF-LO has absolutely no control over a club who wishes to just pay the minimum amount and not support our efforts.

However, the general feeling is that if you are using PHRF-LO handicaps to score your races and an owner can win based on that handicap, then the Executive feel it is worthy of contributing to the ongoing success of the organization with the purchase of a certificate.

In all of North America, our PHRF certificate fee is one of lowest (if not the lowest) fees you will find. We keep expenses low and pass on those savings to our certificate holders.

As of 2008, all our income is generated by the issuance of certificates (we have removed the club portion of the dues amount). The new amount is $25 per certificate with a 7 certificate minimum for the first year a club joins.  Then, if you send in your race results to be analyzed, we reduce your certificate fee to $20 per certificate the following year.