Handicappers Worksheet

The Handicappers Worksheet

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2020 - Changes Include:

ASP Calc Tab:  Mainsail measurements required and updated to Sail Area including MGT (missing MGT will continue to use old formula). Updated the Point to Point Premilinary for the Centerline credit.

Initial Assignment Tab: Change to the "Teeters NFS-Delta values" using WL-8. Based on minutes from November 2018 Central Council meeting.

BB Calc Ratings: NEW tab: to use the Benchmark boats as another tool to establish handicaps.

** Having trouble with "Buttons" not working. Check out the article: Enable Macros using Excel.

*** Mac (Apple) Users: it has been reported that the old Excel 97 - 2003 (left side) spreadsheet seems to be "glitch free" with Open Office.

*** Also reported: New Libre Office appears to handle macros better than Open Office.

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