2010 Time on Time Values

Your Time on Time values have changed



Central Council of Handicappers for PHRF-LO looked further into our Time on Time numbers and decided that they would look more closely at the the current scratch boat (presently 177) in our time on time formula.


Upon review, it was found that our database actually had a median handicap of 165.


In light of this finding, they decided to move our scratch boat to match that of our median handicap.


This will have no affect on your overall scoring and placing.


As a result, our formula was adjusted slightly to accommodate that change. Below is the modified version of the original formula.


Q = .008
S = Scratch Boat = ASP 165
R = (8.36 x 106) ÷ ((ASP + 378.3)2)
RS = (8.36 x 106) ÷ ((165 + 378.3)2)
TOT = ((1 ÷ √RS + Q) ÷ ((1 ÷ √R) +Q))
or TOT = (566.431 ÷ (ASP + 401.431))


Your new A & B values are:


A = 566.431
B = 401.431


Please update your scoring programs. Time On Time

To view more information regarding PHRF-LO Time on Time and the new Q.Factor, click here.