Spring Training Outline & Links

Welcome to the 2018 PHRF-LO Training Seminar!

The PHRF-LO web site is your go to place for changes, news & other items of interest

PHRF-LO on-line

Welcome New Handicappers - we include specific pages that are important to our club handicappers.

Handicapping - New Handicappers

Login/Reg - My Certificates

Background history standard boat - information is available at your fingertips

Publications - Handicappers Manual Part I

Searches & Queries - Class Query

Adjustments and handicapper worksheet - tools for getting a certificate/handicap are a click away

Publications - Handicappers Manual Part II

Handicapping - Boat & Class - Keel Configurations

Handicapping - Boat & Class - Measuring Sails & Poles

Handicapping - Boat & Class - Propulsion Configuration

Hands On Sail measurement - is an important part of the role of handicapper

Pictures from last year

Initial assignment, Race management, Sail wave - resources for race management and scoring are available

Login/reg - Resources

Handicapping - Races & Scoring

Handicapping - Races & Scoring - Club Race Results


Race results & Analysis data - our analysis is available for your review

Handicapping - Races & Scoring

Publications - Race Analysis Reports

Publications - Race Analysis Reports - Reports

Handicap Changes - What is new for this year is highlighted in our home page!


News - Central Council

Unmeasured Mainsails

NEW! Mainsail Formula for 2018

PDF: Excel list of certificates missing mainsails

2018 NFS Delta change

PDF: New NFS-Delta by class list

Questions & discussion - we welcome questions and further discussion.