Notice from PHRF-LE

Further clarification for PHRF-LO racers who wish to compete in a Lake Erie PHRF event like LYRA.

A notice from

Doug Howe

PHRF-LE Chief Handicapper

We recently had a PHRF-LE meeting, and I wish to clarify what our rules are, and how they will apply to LO boats that race in the PHRF-LE area.

I would like to clarify the term sister ship. If PHRF-LE has ever rated the class of boat, the sister ship would be the same class boat (e.g. Tartan 3700, or Beneteau 36.7, etc.). If the class of boat is in the PHRF-LE database or records, the base, spinnaker rating will be the same as that of the sister ship {PHRF-LE database}. If any of the credits per the our rules are applicable, the base rating is to be suitably adjusted per the PHRF-LE rules. Also, the LO boat should review PHRF-LE rule 9.1 for any modifications that are reportable.

If the LO boat does not have a PHRF-LE sister ship, or modifications that are reportable or is not sure, the owner should be in contact with me ASAP, and describe the boat as completely as possible, including a copy of the PHRF-LO certificate. Note, as per our current rule 7.8, any boat racing an invitational race must have a valid PHRF (includes LO) certificate:

I would like to refer your members to our class ratings / handicaps and information which are available at - Handicaps, or a direct link is: . I find the best way to find a sister ship is to use the first letter of the manufacturer, i.e. for a J-35, enter “J” and select ‘SEARCH’. Scroll down the file that appears, and one will see that we have four classes of J-35 (J-35, J-35 SD, J-35 WK, and J-35C) with the pertinent class measurements.

Your members that are racing in Lake Erie should also review our Class rules which are available through our website.

Rather than issuing a unique PHRF-LE certificate, any boat from Lake Ontario is planning to do any races in the PHRF-LE area, e-mail or send your Lake Ontario certificate to me. Let me know what class (Jam or Spinnaker) you plan to race in, and I will provide the appropriate PHRF-LE rating. I will sign the certificate, and return same for use in the PHRF-LE area. Please put L-O RATING in the subject line of the request.

I do hope your members have an enjoyable time on our Lake. If there is anything else I can do to help, please let me know.

Doug Howe

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PHRF-LE Chief Handicapper