On-line Renewals

Certificate Renewals

Handicappers are required to renew their club certificates on-line.

Registration is required if you did not register in 2008.

If you registered in 2008, your registration is still valid for 2009. Please use the same user name and password you did in 2008 and you can then begin renewing certificates for your club.

If you did not register in 2008, please use the link above or click here to register.
When completing the form please use the name and email address that we currently have on file for you. Then choose a unique user name and password.

Your will be sent confirmation once your registration has been approved by the Administration office.

To renew your club certificates:

1. Log in using the unique user name and password you chose. (If you have forgotten your password, click here and a new password will be issued for you).

2. On the far left side you will see a "Handicappers" menu. Click on "Renewals" and follow the instructions.

Things to know:

1. You cannot renew your certificates until your club dues invoice has been paid. To check the status of your dues payment, click here.

2. You cannot renew a certificate that was not renewed in 2008. If you have a certificate that expired prior to 2008, please contact the administration office.

3. DO NOT RENEW IT UNLESS YOU ARE SURE! If you renew the certificate, it will be added to your club dues invoice for 2010 and cannot be removed later.

4. Certificates that require a change must be submitted to the administration office. All changed certificates are automatically renewed.