Meeting Minutes for November

Executive and Central Council Meeting minutes are available!

On November 16th meetings were held, "read more" for links and highlights

The Executive held their annual November meeting on November 16th.

Minutes can be reviewed here: About Us, Meetings, Executive Meetings, November 2019.

Highlights include:

Presidents Position - nominations needed!

NFS-Delta - presentation at AGM

Spring Workshop - at Genesee Yacht Club on March 28, 2020.

Committee participants needed - to set focus for Strategy Session group to examine future of PHRF-LO.

The Central Council held their annual November meeting following the Executive meeting.

Minutes can be reviewed here: About Us, Meetings, Central Council Meetings, November 2019

Highlights include:

C&C 27-4 - rating change (2020)

Class measurement corrections to: Elvstrom 1/2 ton, Kirby 25

Henderson SR 27 MOD - class name change - NO MOD

Viper 640 - Class Association request for One Design designation

Centerline Credit (+6) - not applicable to Symmetrical Spinnakers tacked to the centerline.

NFS-Delta and use of Crew Weight in formula

Point to Point ratings project - presentation at AGM