Handicappers Worksheet 2020

Updates to the Handicappers Worksheet for 2020 are complete!

The Handicappers Worksheet is available to Registered Member Handicappers only. 

For 2020, we have updated the NFS-Delta on all classes and included a Point to Point (P2P) Preliminary number on the ASP Tab.

This new worksheet has been tested but I do anticipate that all you sharp handicappers will find glitches somewhere, so please do not hesitate to let me know when you find one.

The new worksheet has been improved and now includes:

1. A tab for PHRF-LO Benchmark rated classes. To get Calculated ASP deltas using Benchmark classes.
2. A drop down list of "Comparable" classes, so that you are no longer limited to 10 classes.
3. National handicap will only be available for specific PHRF regions, based on the review by Jamie Dike. See: PHRF Region Comparisons

Thanks and enjoy,
Diana Riley
Executive Assistant PHRF-LO