Meeting News !

Your Executive and Central Council both held Zoom meetings this past month.

There were many items discussed that may impact you or your Certificate Holders.

Executive Meeting - Aug 13 - Zoom

Much of the content related to the effects that the COVID-19 has had on the organization.

PHRF-LO Chapman Awards - both the Season Championship and the New Racer Award will not be calculated for 2020.

Certificate RENEWALS for 2020 - Renewals are down by about 45% with a projected loss of $20,000.

Race Credit for 2020 - will only be applicable if race results are submitted. ANY TYPE OF RESULTS WILL QUALIFY!

Certificate Fees for 2021 - will be dependent on renewals and a possible review at the Annual Meeting.

Email Blast To Certificate Holders - an email " A note from your PHRF-LO Treasurer!" has been sent out to Certificate holders.

Central Council Meeting - Aug 6 - Zoom Conference

Saffier 37 - Toronto West set the handicap but Central Council reviewed and revised it.

C&C 27 Mark 3 and Mark 4 - Both the Mark 3 & Mark 4 classes handicaps were adjusted +3 sec/nm

Melges IC 37 - setting this class handicap - a special review IC 37 by Melges (Melges IC37 CF -SB)

Keel Study - Gary Cooke & Adam Farkas are reviewing documentation to come up with an approach.