AGM Jan 16 2021

On Jan 16, 2021, PHRF Lake Ontario held its first "Virtual Annual Meeting"

Meeting Minutes: 2021 Annual General Meeting

We are pleased to say that we felt it was received well and attracted far more attendance than in person meeting.

We were also able to record a large portion of the meeting and offer the following Youtube video's of the presentations.Handicap Changes presented during the AGM

a) Limit the minimum symmetrical spinnaker Mid-Girth (MG)

b) Spinnaker girth measurement change

c) FS Handicap shall not be slower than the NFS on the certiicate

d) CL fixed sprit credit change

e) Free Flying Headsail (FFH) for Point to Point (P2P) Racing

f) Assessing Keel types for Speed Potential

g) Handicappers Manual Part I - Revision

New Business: Motion to implement b) for 2021 (vs 2022)

Handicap Changes 2022 - Point to Point racing