Use of Pole and Sprit on Certificate

It appears we have a new Spinnaker configuration!

Every year, Central Council is faced with yet a new way that owners want to race their boats.

This year, we have been asked to accommodate the use of both a Spinnaker pole and a Centerline tack point.

Without any formal review of this practice, the Chief Handicappers have agreed to the following:

1. In this configuration, there will be NO Centerline credit of 6 sec/nm.

2. If the class standard is NOT Centerline, then a calculated adjusted JSP (AdjJSP = JSP + (15% of J)) will be allowed for Centerline tacked spinnakers.

2. If the Articulating Tack Point and/or Centerline Tack Point is longer than JSP or AdjJSP, the excess length (* 1.8) will be added to the girth of both the Symmetrical and Asymmetrical Spinnaker and used to determine the largest in inventory.