NEW! Mainsail Formula for 2018

At the November 2016 Central Council meeting (Item 4b), a new mainsail formula was adopted to include the 7/8th (MGT) measurement.

MAIN AREA Standard (MAstd):

HWstd = 0.04 * E or 0.5’ (whichever is greater)
MGT = 0.22 * E
MGUstd = 0.38 * E
MGMstd = 0.65 * E

MAStd= (P/8)*(2*E +3*MGMstd+1.5*MGUstd+MGTstd+0.5*HWstd)

MAIN AREA Measured (MAmsd) :

MAMsd= (P/8)*(2*E +3*MGM+1.5*MGU+MGT+0.5*HW)

The ratio will provide the percent sail area for adjustment of the ASP.

This new formula will be applied to all current certificates where the MGT measurement has been recorded.