2018 NFS Delta change - RESCINDED

CHANGE HAS BEEN RESCINDED for 2018 racing season !

In response to concerns from Handicappers and Owners, Central Council made a decision to rescind the decision to move all NFS-Delta's to the Jim Teeters WL 10 model for this year.

They still feel that the WL10 model would better match the actual NFS observed performance and will be continuing to review this for possible implementation in 2019.

Original Article:

At the February 2018 Central Council meeting, a decision was made to modify the NFS-Delta.

For 2018: Classes will have their NFS-SP adjusted in response to the new NFS-Delta, this in turn will affect the NFS-ASP rating on many certificates.

New NFS-Delta by Class List

For 2018 & 2019: No changes will be made to the revised NFS-Delta.

For 2020: Adjustments to the NFS-Delta will be allowed (using a range of values as a guideline).

Handicappers manual: Appendage