Alternate TOT

Alternate Method for Calculating the PHRF-LO Time Correction Factors

Starting in 2018, the PHRF-LO Central Council endorsed an alternative method of calculating the Time-on-Time Correction Factor (TCF) for day races for spinnaker divisions; especially for interclub events, at the discretion of the race organizers as follows:

Alternate Purpose (new) TCF = 650/(550 + TOD); See: Time on Time Current

Where the same ASP TOD (s/m) handicap is used that is in the individual PHRF-LO Certificates.

This endorsement is based on recent race analyses for the past several years that show a consistently more compressed set of corrected times for the races.  The analyses were carried out mainly on day races (as well as on a few coastal races), on what is perceived to be very well balanced and competitive spinnaker fleets.  It is noted however, that the order of finishes does not change in general, but with rare exceptions.  It is felt that tighter corrected times will enhance the quality of racing, where the competitors maybe better motivated to excel. 

It is noted however, that no studies were done on NFS and shorthanded events, and therefore the organizers should apply caution as to whether or not use the Alternate TCF for these divisions.

The PHRF LO Website includes an Alternate TCF table, in addition to the Current TCF’s for information.

TOT Multiplier Tables

It is also noted that the scoring programs will have to be set up appropriately by the scorer to achieve the alternate scores (A&B values).