Club & Certificate Fees

The Executive have approved a motion to be made at the AGM regarding changes to the current Club Dues and Certificate Fees.


  • The  "Club Dues Fee" of $75 Cdn /$65 US had been removed.

The annual club invoice will no longer include the "Club Dues Fee". You will "only" be billed based on the number of certificates that were issued the previous season.

  • Increase the US Certificate fee to match that of the Canadian fee.

 The certificate fee for US certificate holders will increase from $15 to $20 US. 

  • Increase the certificate fee to $25 for clubs who do not submit race results.

 The certificate fee will increase to $25 with a credit of $5 for those clubs submitting acceptable race results.

  • Increased the minimum number of certificates that a club is billed from five (5) to seven (7).


What this means:

The base club fee (for all new clubs or clubs who do not apply for a certificate) remains at $175.00

A club who was issued 7 certificates in 2007 and submitted race results, will be billed $140 as apposed to $215.