Member Rights and Responsibilities

Member (Handicappers) of PHRF-LO!

We want to remind you that when you registered for Member Access to the Handicappers section of our web site, which contains proprietary material, you also agreed to adhere to the Responsibilities as set out in our Bylaws Section 7.3.

Specific to your On-line access & registration you agreed:

  • I accept, that given access (via the PHRF-LO web site) to the proprietary non-distributable information, that I shall use it for the administration of certificates for all of the Member’s CERTIFICATE HOLDERs.
  • As a representative (Handicapper) of a Member, I agree that the MEMBER and their HANDICAPPER(s) will use their access to PHRF-LO’s proprietary information (as above) for the specific purpose of issuing valid certificates for all participants in racing events. Use of PHRF-LO’s proprietary data to provide a handicap rating without compensation to the ORGANIZATION is contrary to the mutual benefit of the ORGANIZATION.

We are reminding all our members, that our goal is to ensure that there is fairness throughout the system by encouraging our Clubs, Members & Handicappers to get a Valid Certificate for all your (non-one design) racing participants.

This is the ONLY way that PHRF-LO will continue to survive and thrive as the LARGEST PHRF Region in North America (and possibly the World) with one of the lowest Certificate Fee.

YOUR HELP DOES make a difference!