Bylaw Change 2019 - updated post AGM

Bylaw change 2019

Amendments to Bylaws must be approved at the Annual Meeting (Link to Bylaw)

Link to pdf copy of revision



7.1 New Application

Any yacht club, sailing ORGANIZATION or group of racing enthusiasts, may apply for Membership with the following proviso:

  1. Shall provide a letter of interest in becoming a Member describing their interest in developing a racing fleet of Certificate Holders.
  2. Shall complete and submit a New Member application.
  3. Shall pay a Deposit equivalent to ten (10) times the current certificate fee amount.
  4. On application and receipt of payment the President may accept an applicant as a Provisional Member until the next Annual General Meeting of the ORGANIZATION.
  5. No applicant shall become a Member until admitted by the ORGANIZATION.
  6. Shall appoint a maximum of three (3) HANDICAPPER(s) for any calendar year and shall inform the Secretary of the current list HANDICAPPER(s) providing their addresses, e-mail and telephone numbers.

7.2 Provisional Membership

7.2.1 Provisional Membership shall be applied until the following requirements have been satisfied.

  1. No Provisional Member shall become a Member until endorsed by the District with which they have been assigned.
  2. No Provisional Member shall become a Member until a minimum of ten (10) Current Certificates have been issued.
    Not approved by Members at AGM 2019
  3. No Provisional Member shall become a Member until race results have been submitted
  4. No Provisional Member shall become a Member until admitted by the ORGANIZATION under Section 7.3.1

7.3 Membership in the ORGANIZATION

7.3.1 Acceptance of Membership

  1. Membership in the ORGANIZATION shall be voted on by a quorum of current MEMBERS at the next Annual General Meeting (AGM).
  2. The secretary shall promptly inform an applicant of its admission into the ORGANIZATION following the AGM.

7.3.2 Rights and Responsibilities

The MEMBERS and/or their HANDICAPPERs will be given the following rights and responsibilities:

  1. The HANDICAPPER(s) shall be given access, via the PHRF-LO web site, to proprietary non-distributable information that shall be used in the administration of certificates for all of the Member’s CERTIFICATE HOLDERs.
  2. The HANDICAPPER(s) shall assist the CERTIFICATE HOLDER and Applicants with the Handicapping System as may be reasonably requested.
  3. The HANDICAPPER(s) shall administer the Handicap System in conjunction with PHRF-LO to the mutual benefit of the ORGANIZATION.  
  4. The MEMBER and their HANDICAPPER(s) will use their access to PHRF-LO’s proprietary information (1) for the specific purpose of issuing valid certificates for all participants in racing events.  Use of PHRF-LO’s proprietary data to provide a handicap rating without compensation to the ORGANIZATION is contrary to the mutual benefit of the ORGANIZATION.
  5. MEMBERS will collect fees for certificates issued under the Handicap System, for remittance to the Organization.
  6. The ORGANIZATION shall make publicly available, via the PHRF-LO web site, copies of the Bylaws of the ORGANIZATION, Handicappers Manual, Handicap Rosters, Certificates and such information of the Handicap System as may be reasonably requested.
  7. MEMBERS will be notified of and shall have voting rights at the Annual General Meeting.
  8. Abuse of either the access to or the proprietary information provided by the Organization shall be grounds for membership review by the Organization Officers.

7.4 Membership change(s):

7.4.1 CHANGES to information, including (but not limited to) Address, Phone numbers & HANDICAPPER(s) lists, should be sent to the Secretary of the ORGANIZATION as soon as they are available.

7.4.2 RESIGNATION of Membership by any Member, may be done by notice, in writing, effective upon receipt of notice to this effect by the ORGANIZATION.

7.4.3 SUSPENSION shall be considered if the Membership Renewal Notice is not paid by June 1st of the same calendar year.

7.4.4 REINSTATMENT of Membership shall be subject to a new application for Membership. The Membership Deposit amount shall be subject to a review by the Treasurer and based on the MEMBERS account history.

7.4.5 STATUS of Membership shall be subject to review by the Executive of the ORGANIZATION, when a Member cannot maintain a minimum of ten (10) Current Certificates. Not approved by Members at AGM 2019.

7.5. MAINTENANCE of Membership and/or Provisional Membership

7.5.1 Membership Renewal Notice

A Membership Renewal Notice will be mailed to each Member & Provisional Member on or about February 1 of each calendar year to the Member at its last known address.

The Renewal Notice is specific to that individual MEMBERS Account and will include:

  1. The total amount due for certificates issued during the previous season, including any applicable taxes.
  2. Less the amount of the Membership Deposit received the previous year.
  3. Less any credits applicable (eg: Race Results Credit)
  4. Plus, A Membership Deposit amount *

* The Membership Deposit for the current season will be estimated based on the number of certificates issued the previous season.

7.6 DISTRICT Affiliation

MEMBERS & Provisional Members will be assigned to a “DISTRICT” upon acceptance by the President with the following proviso:

  1. Requests for change in DISTRICT affiliation will be handled at the next Annual General Meeting.
  2. A letter from the Board of Directors of a club, indicating a request for change, must be presented by an accredited member/representative of the club and presented at the Annual General Meeting.

As a result of a change in DISTRICT, CENTRAL COUNCIL will handle all appeals for that club for a period of one year.


7.7.1. Members & Provisional Members shall abide by the Bylaws and Handicap System of the Organization when conducting races under the Handicap System.

7.7.2 Protests under RRS if referred to the “relevant class rule authorities” as referenced in RRS shall be submitted to the Central Council at a meeting called for that purpose.

7.7.3 By Notice the MEMBERS shall provide, the results of races for which they are the organizing authority, to the PHRF administration office in the format prescribed by the ORGANIZATION.