Videos Available

We have several videos available of our “Spring Training Seminars”

· A Handicapping Perspective by Al Declerq (March 2006)

· PHRF Outside the Box by Steve Killing (January 2007)

· Panel Discussion including Don Finkle, Mark Ellis & Bill Abbott. (March 2007)

· Video of "Assigning an Initial Handicap" by Bob Porter (March 2008)

· Video of the presentation on "Portsmouth Yardstick" at the 2009 AGM by Colin Alston.

…also the PowerPoint presentation

· “Assigning an Initial Handicap” by Bob Porter (March 2008)

Now Available:

· Video of Sail Measuring by John Crawley

Available soon:

· Video of "Jim Teeters" presentation on "The use of science based technology to enhance local sailing and racing"

If you are interested in receiving a copy, please contact the PHRF-LO administration office .

Unfortunately, these videos are only available to club handicappers.